Dwayne Johnson Joins Huge Shark Project

By Dan Lawrence | Published

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Dwayne Johnson has covered almost every corner of the Hollywood stratosphere courtesy of his enterprise, Seven Bucks Productions. A star and producer of countless movies, television series, game shows, and now proprietor of the XFL sports series, there is seemingly no entertainment stone left unturned by the Rock or is there? Comicbook.com writes that Dwayne Johnson is muscling in on this year’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Shark Week does what its name would suggest, it is a week-long period of special programming on the Discovery Channel dedicated to the ocean predator. Shark Week made its debut in the summer of 1988 and has since gained popularity thanks to celebrity guest appearances and rather zany specials such as Alien Sharks: Greatest Hits. This year’s Shark Week programming kicks off with an early premiere of Dawn of the Monster Mako on discovery+ on July 15, before officially kicking off on Discovery on July 24. Dwayne Johnson will be the viewers’ guide through the special event programming, he took to Twitter to announce himself the first-ever Master of Ceremonies of Shark Week, as his Seven Bucks Productions partners with Discovery for the special week. 

As well as Dwayne Johnson appearing in Discovery’s Shark Week, the stars of The Impractical Jokers will have their very own TV Special in the event programming, Impractical Jokers Shark Week Spectacular, which airs on July 26 on both Discover and Discovery+. Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass gang will also be taking a dive into Shark Week and if that isn’t enough there will even be a Shark Week Podcast to enjoy from July 18 onwards on all major podcast apps. 

The fascination with sharks in popular culture isn’t just down to Shark Week. Before Dwayne Johnson made us all scared of beaches thanks to the dreadful Baywatch movie, Steven Spielberg captured the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere with Jaws, one of the biggest blockbusters of the 1970s. Ever since that incredible film, sharks have been a popular source of horror, intrigue, and entertainment, although the quality of said entertainment has never really matched the likes of Jaws (Sharknado, The Meg, etc.). 

Shark Week represents just another impressive notch on Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood CV, which is perhaps one of the biggest compared to his entertainment peers. 2022 is set to be one of Johnson’s biggest year’s in the movie business as he takes his first steps in leading a comic book franchise movie with Black AdamThe DCEU film sees Johnson star as the titular DC Comics anti-hero and will make its bow in American theatres on October 21. 

Shark Week and Black Adam aside, Dwayne Johnson has recently enjoyed another success story, this time on a more personal note as his daughter Simone made her WWE NXT Live debut recently. Simone Johnson’s debut on the WWE circuit means the Johnson family’s wrestling lineage remains strong as both Dwayne Johnson and his late father Rocky were both wrestlers of high acclaim, along with Simone’s great-grandfather. Dwayne Johnson is a man who has Hollywood-made, a wrestling star turn actor/producer powerhouse, now passing the torch to his daughter. So, as crazy as it may seem that he’s hosting Shark Week, the question remains, why the hell shouldn’t he?