Every Gruesome Injury Dwayne Johnson Has Ever Suffered, The Full List

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson is asked about his workout routine in at least every other interview he does. If you’ve ever read through one of the lists outlining his weekly routines, you’ll know that it is intense. It’s hard to imagine how he has time to be a father and run his businesses while making time to eat as much as he does, let alone the workout routine. While he has serious dedication to taking care of his body, he still has a career that puts him to the test. Recently, he posted a photo of himself getting acupuncture and shared the long list of injuries he’s endured over the years as a WWE star and then action star for Hollywood. 

Four knee surgeries? He doesn’t share if they’re on the same knee. His long list of injuries are all the types of things you might expect someone who works their body hard to eventually undergo. On the list, Dwayne Johnson mentions that he has torn a few muscles in serious ways. Tearing his adductor and quadricep off his pelvis likely means that he was lifting something heavy, as you would expect Dwayne Johnson to be doing, and then he pivoted. His muscle then tore away. That’s no small pain. He’s also had triple hernia surgery, ruptured his Achilles’ tendon, and had a total shoulder reconstruction. These all sound like injuries that would make it hard to move your body at all, and yet he heals up and goes back to it. 

He’s had three lower back herniations and two low back disc ruptures. These are somewhat common injuries and ones you might expect with Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine. While expected and common, they are definitely painful. The spinal column has vertebrae with discs between. The discs work like shock absorbers and have soft, squishy cushions in the center. When one of those discs gets jarred hard, it can slip out of position, or it can tear the soft center. Sometimes this leads to no symptoms at all, but if The Rock is mentioning it, it likely required surgery. 

As often as Dwayne Johnson runs through his workout routine and the serious amount of food he has to eat, we don’t often see interviewers covering his recovery routine. We’ve gotten more of a look at that on his Instagram lately. He says his routine to get ready for Black Adam has been his hardest workout routine yet. Considering what we know of his past routines and this long list of injuries, the 48-year-old actor is clearly pushing his body to the limits. Recently, we’ve seen him getting acupuncture, experimenting with cupping, and sharing a look at the calluses on his hands

It’s little surprise that Dwayne Johnson is willing to push himself so hard for Black Adam. He has been in talks to play the anti-hero for nearly a decade. While the release date for Black Adam was pushed back due to the pandemic, filming is finally about to begin in April. Hopefully, we’ll get a look at him in full costume soon.