See Aldis Hodge As Hawkman In Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

See Aldis Hodge as DC superhero Hawkman.

By Faith McKay | Published

aldis hodge dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson has been working to bring a Black Adam movie to the big screen since 2014. His originally promised release date of December 2021 has been scrapped. However, with the movie said to finally begin filming this coming spring, fans are starting to get excited again. Before filming was delayed, some of the Justice Society of America heroes were announced. Among them was Aldis Hodge as Hawkman.

Now, fan artist BossLogic has given us a look at what Aldis Hodge may look like in the role. 

In reality, we don’t yet know if this is the direction the filmmakers will take with Hawkman’s costume. However, this is similar to what has been seen in the comics. Aldis Hodge has shared that Dwayne Johnson has been inspiring him to pick it up more at the gym, so maybe he’ll be ready to spend most of the movie with his abs out. Here, we get a look at what Aldis Hodge would look like in the costume with and without a mask. The wings are of course beautifully rendered. Hopefully, the costume designers are taking note and will be able to create something that rivals this. 

Aldis Hodge will join the Justice Society of America alongside Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone. It’s been said they’ll also be joined by the character Doctor Fate. There’s no news yet on who will be playing Doctor Fate, though Dwayne Johnson has said he wants a Sam Rockwell type. Of course, since there is going to be Hawkman, fans asked if there would be Hawkgirl. She was initially created as a sort of gender-flipped superhero. This is often looked at as an afterthought and a touch annoying, but Hawkgirl has become one of the more popular heroes in the Justice Society of America and was expected to be seen in Black Adam. While Dwayne Johnson said the original plan was to have her appear, that didn’t work out. He didn’t explain the reasoning, he did say that she wouldn’t be appearing.

That explanation will likely come out after the film’s been released. They’re more likely to emphasize the characters that will be in the movie for now. Hopefully, with production starting soon, we’ll get more news on who will be playing Doctor Fate and other updates on the movie. If nothing else, Dwayne Johnson will be giving us sneak peeks from his Instagram.

Despite the delays, Dwayne Johnson’s enthusiasm has never died for this project. He’s shared Instagram updates along the way, reminding us that he’s staying fit not just because he’s The Rock but because he’s planning for Black Adam. In fact, the top comment on one of his Instagram updates is from BossLogic, the artist responsible for the new Hawkman fanart. In the post, Dwayne Johnson promises that “The hierarchy of power in the DC UNIVERSE is about to change”. He also promised that production begins in the spring.