Dwayne Johnson To Appear In Deadpool 3?

Dwayne Johnson might show up in Deadpool 3 thanks to this friend.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Dwayne Johnson will eventually be showing up in a superhero movie thanks to DC’s Black Adam, but if a new rumor is on the money, the superstar could be showing up in none other than Deadpool 3. And there is a very specific reason for this rumor gaining some traction.

One of the big action movies coming from Dwayne Johnson is Red Notice, a Netflix film that will bring Johnson together with fellow DC superhero Gal Gadot and Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. It seems like Johnson and Reynolds have become great friends and are looking to collaborate on another project together. And We Got This Covered is reporting that the movie would be Deadpool 3.

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This is nothing but an intangible rumor right now, but it wouldn’t be the most surprising thing to happen. Dwayne Johnson could either play a pivotal role in the film or simply do a cameo. One thinks back to the X-Force sequence in Deadpool 2 where it was revealed that an invisible character was played by Brad Pitt. Would Johnson take on a similar role that wouldn’t require as much on-set work?

Or could this potential collaboration be even larger? Would Dwayne Johnson be game for becoming a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What if he decided to play against type and played the main villain of the film? He could be dispatched by the time the movie is over and it would still be an effective inclusion into the superhero franchise. Would this be something that The Rock would entertain?

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It is going to be an interesting road for Deadpool 3, whether or not Dwayne Johnson ends up being in the cast or not. The film is going to be jumping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe after 20th Century Fox was merged with Disney. We have heard a number of things about how Deadpool 3 will function within the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. However it works out, it is going to be a tricky but cheeky integration for one of the most popular superhero characters in recent years.

And having Dwayne Johnson in Deadpool 3 would definitely energize fans and casual moviegoers about the sequel. The superstar continues to be one of the biggest draws worldwide, and being able to slap his face on posters and other advertising would easily ramp up excitement for the next installment. Not to mention that it would raise the movie’s profile in international markets where The Rock continues to be an undeniable mega-star.

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We will simply have to wait and see if Dwayne Johnson will be teaming up with Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 3. If he does, he will have his feet in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the DC Extended Universe. That alone would make him one of the most notable stars in the world of blockbuster filmmaking. But until we hear anything official, this is one that we have to chalk up to pure rumor. If we learn something different, we will be sure to let you know.