Watch Dwayne Johnson Surprise Fans In Full Superhero Costume

By Mark McKee | Published

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Dwayne Johnson is the biggest star on the planet. Maybe even literally. While most of his attention during San Diego Comic-Con focused on his upcoming anti-hero film, Black Adam, there is another DC project he got the chance to promote. Johnson plays the dark and brutal Shazam villain in one movie and then changes from wizard to canine as he takes on the role of Krypto in the animated DC feature, League of Super-Pets. As much as fans love watching the big man on screen, they also love seeing him in person. He got the opportunity to surprise those fans at the film’s screening, with some other big surprises as well. 

The 50-year-old actor posted a video to his Instagram page documenting his experience while promoting the film. He begins by taking photos with fans; only they have no idea it is him since he elected to do so dressed as his character in the film. That is one big dog. You can see the video below.

Once the fans were seated in the theater, he entered and took off his head (the dog head, of course) to thunderous applause. While the surprise of Dwayne Johnson’s presence would be enough for most audiences, he wasn’t finished. He then pulled a family on stage that had always dreamed of having a dog. Johnson proceeded to them with a puppy named Quail. He then spoke about their partnership with the animal society, Of course, no Dwayne Johnson promotion would be complete without his Salt & Straw ice cream flavors for the kids, and his very own Teremana Tequila for the adults. 

DC’s Legend of Super-Pets strikes an opposite chord to what most of the comic book movies subscribe to nowadays. While the majority of films in the genre are marketed to the generation that grew up reading the comics, they are also striking gold with a new generation of fans. However, there is little in the way of an actual kid’s movie. This film looks to fill that void with an animated adventure starring Dwayne Johnson as Superman’s dog, Krypto. Kevin Hart voices Ace the Bat-Hound. The cast also rounds out with Keanu Reeves as Batman, John Krasinski as Superman, Kate McKinnon as the villainous guinea pig, Lulu (you heard that right). Diego Luna and Natasha Lyonne also lend their voices to the cast. Variety calls the film a “full-on superhero extravaganza.” 

Dwayne Johnson has always been the kind of actor that doesn’t take himself too seriously. His big-budget action films are often infused with a heavy amount of sarcasm and humor that keep them at the perfect level of fun and entertaining. Some of his best work seems to be when paired with Kevin Hart (as he did in two Jumanji sequels and Central Intelligence). Even though he clearly has fun doing what he does, his unwavering dedication to the craft has taken him from a struggling actor with seven dollars in his pocket (the origins of his Seven Buck Productions) to one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood. In moments like this, where he truly connects with his audience, you can see the genuineness of a man in love with what he does. One question, though, did the puppy sit through the movie with them? We hope they brought the puppy pads.