Dwayne Johnson Confirms Black Adam Vs. Superman

Dwayne Johnson confirms that Black Adam and Superman will eventually fight in a DCEU project.

By Matthew Creith | Published

As the DC Extended Universe reveals Black Adam later this month to an eager audience, star Dwayne Johnson has been weighing in on whether or not loyal fans should expect to see his character battle it out with Superman in a future installment. According to an interview Johnson gave with CinemaBlend while on a press tour for Black Adam, the actor confirms for the first time that “absolutely” everyone will get to see Black Adam and Superman fight it out in due time. This news opens the doors for Henry Cavill to return as the Man of Steel if he chooses to, but there is no confirmation that an appearance by Cavill will occur in Black Adam so far.

Dwayne Johnson has now gone on record to state what many people have been hoping for out of the DC Extended Universe for quite some time, including the idea that Black Adam will reboot some of the franchise to make the character a jumping off point for Warner Bros. Discovery to create brand new storylines around. In his interview with CinemaBlend, Johnson goes on to say that the entire point in introducing a character like Black Adam is to not lean on an existing IP or franchise in general, as well as justifying a new era for the DC Extended Universe by listening to comic book fans looking for the film adaptations of their favorite characters to be truthful and original. He explains whole-heartedly that, “The whole goal and intention now is to this new era, new time. Now let’s build out.”

dwayne johnson black adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Building out a new era for the DC Extended Universe may be a tall order, even for someone like Dwayne Johnson who has headlined other reboots in the past like the Jumanji series of films and his addition to the Fast & Furious film saga. Director James Gunn famously switched teams from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the DC Extended Universe and quickly jumped aboard the reboot of The Suicide Squad only a few years after Suicide Squad debuted in theaters. The reboot was also viewed as a standalone sequel for the franchise, strengthening many of the characters so that they could be featured in other projects for Warner Bros. Discovery like John Cena’s take on the HBO Max series, Peacemaker, created by Gunn.

Even though it seems like the DC Extended Universe is finding its footing in recent years, it is still struggling in comparison to the behemoth that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dwayne Johnson is looking forward to headlining Black Adam and its potential as a move by the DC Extended Universe to incorporate more characters in future projects, confirmed by Giant Freakin Robot recently in an exclusive that Henry Cavill will return as Superman in the upcoming The Flash. Now, with Johnson’s confirmation that audiences fully expect to see iterations of Superman and Black Adam battle as their characters, the possibility of more Cavill as Superman is looking very promising as the DC Extended Universe tries to contend with its competitors at the box office.