See Dwayne Johnson Share A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Black Adam Reshoots

By James Brizuela | 4 days ago

dwayne johnson

DC and Dwayne Johnson had announced that Black Adam was going to be delayed. That delay now has a lot to do with reshoots for the film. Reshoots are certainly not uncommon in the film industry, especially for a picture that includes plenty of fantastical elements like superhero movies usually do. The most recent delay for the film was mostly based on the VFX department simply needing more time with the film, and hurdles that have dealt heavily with covid restrictions. Now, Johnson has provided a behind-the-scenes photo of the crew hard at work. You can see the image below:

While the above picture might not be the most exciting to look at, it shows Dwayne Johnson next to the director (Jaume Collet-Serra) and VFX head editor (Krisztian Majdik). The three seem to be hard at work to ensure the shots they got through on the day of the image were of the best caliber. The captions that Johnson wrote are a ton more interesting. He claims the three are working hard on the “final details and last touches” of the film. That is more exciting news as many have been wanting to see more about Black Adam. Fans have only been gifted a small teaser during last year’s DC FanDome event.

Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) was initially supposed to be the villain who appeared alongside Shazam, in the hero’s solo film, as the pair have fought tons of times in the comics. However, it was then decided that Adam needed his own solo movie. The anti-hero is certainly one of the more interesting characters to have his own DC property. Also, the film did add some more interesting heroes to its ranks. Those include Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Dr. Fate, who is portrayed by the legendary Pierce Brosnan. Adam is meant to run into the Justice Society of America in the film, along with the infamous Intergang. Being that Black Adam is an anti-hero, he could fight the JSLA at first, then team up with them to take down Intergang. It’s a classic trope, but one will see Adam dish out some crazy power. All these heroes and scenes are a huge reason why the VFX department is, even more, backed up. We all just have to be a bit more patient this time around.

Black Adam will swing into theaters on October 21st of this year. Hopefully, with all this work being done to the film, we will get to see a teaser trailer in the next month or so. We have all been waiting and that teaser that was provided during DC FanDome was enough to send everyone into a tizzy. Dwayne Johnson certainly looks the part, and he could be DC’s version of Venom, as the fan-favorite anti-hero that doesn’t follow traditional rules of superhero films.

Dwayne Johnson is hard at work on plenty of projects, but it’s truly great to see the man dedicating a good amount of time to Black Adam. It was announced back in 2014 that he would be taking on this role, so we do understand the impatient nature of most fans wanting to see this movie. But alas, we only have five more months to wait. We can make it.