A Dungeons and Dragons Star Compares Comic-Cons To Rock Concerts

Chris Prine compares being at comic conventions to being treated like the band AC/DC.

By TeeJay Small | Published

chris pine dungeons & dragons

Chris Pine has explained in a recent Collider interview that he loves attending comic con during filming for the upcoming Dungeons And Dragons movie because it makes him feel like a rock star. When asked if he feeds on the external support and validation of a screaming crowd, the actor, who has starred in big blockbuster films such as Wonder Woman 1984 and J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek, explained “Yeah, for my ego, basically…just adoring people clapping when you walk out on the stage is always a good feeling… It’s about the closest thing you can get to feeling like you’re, I don’t know, AC/DC or something.”

During the same Collider interview, Hugh Grant was asked about his own comic con response, and he provided a significantly different perspective. Grant feared that, unlike his co-star Chris Pine, who fans of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons film would be extremely familiar with from the pop culture zeitgeist, he would be too old to remain popular amongst crowds. Hugh Grant, who was most notable during the mid-’90s to early 2000s as a romantic lead, assumed he wouldn’t be as recognizable to comic con fans, and joked that his only fan during the convention he attended followed him around in a hot dog suit for three days.

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Ironically, while Chris Pine’s Dungeons and Dragons character is a bard, creating music and performing for crowds, Hugh Grant’s character in the film is a rogue, pursuing his adversaries stealthily under the cover of darkness. Perhaps the casting directors chose the duo for these roles because of their shared response to comic conventions. The film is set to release in March of 2023, possibly shedding further light on the situation, and maybe even reinvigorating Hugh Grant’s career for a younger audience.

Taking a pause from being a supposed rock star, Chris Pine also spoke about working with the directors of the Dungeons and Dragons film; Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. The pair are perhaps best known as the writing duo behind screenplays for both Game Night and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland‘s first leading film in the MCU. Given that the pair have a history of writing comedic adaptations of preexisting works, the stars and fans alike have been able to breathe easy letting the IP of the biggest tabletop game of all time rest on their shoulders.

Chris Pine also stated that being directed by the duo for the Dungeons & Dragons movie was a good fit, as their usage of the source material and their usage of practical effects makes the film a cut above their big blockbuster peers. We honestly can’t wait to see how this adaptation looks on the big screen.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is the first live-action adaptation of the tabletop game since 2012’s poorly received third installment in a direct-to-DVD trilogy. Now with a bigger budget and an A-list cast such as Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Michelle Rodriguez, and Justice Smith, Dungeons and Dragons can finally be done right on the big screen. Fans will be flocking to theaters around the country on March 31st to see their favorite live-action role-play themes and concepts come to life, and truly give the stars of the film the rock star experience.