Dune’s Timothee Chalamet Revealed His Secret YouTube Channel

By Erika Hanson | 1 month ago

Timothee Chalamet

If we’ve learned anything over the past few decades about the internet, the most important could arguably be that the internet records everything and forgets nothing. Every picture, tweet, and status update can be stored forever-including those of Dune star’s very own Timothee Chalamet. After an ongoing discussion surrounding an eleven-year-old’s Youtube channel that was rumored to belong to none other than the young catch himself, Chalamet confirmed this week that he is the faceless owner of a Youtube channel named ModdedControler 360.

The channel was used years ago, before Timothee Chalamet was as famous as he is today. Internet sleuths have long been solving some of the biggest mysteries thanks to the internet. Without the investigative internet research done by online users such as Baudi Moovan and John Green, the ruthless Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta-featured in the Netflix docu-series, Don’t F*** With Cats may still be on the streets. But not all web sleuths are out there to try to be a hero and catch the villains. Some are just out there to expose others, or even unravel unknown information from a fanatical standpoint-which was the case with Timothee Chalamet and his uncovered secret YouTube channel. You can see Chalamet admit to the channel below.

The Timothee Chalamet YouTube channel mystery began in 2018 when a fan page on Instagram called ChalametUniverse discovered that the actor had liked a video from the aforementioned channel. The YouTube channel created back in 2010 only featured three videos–all with a faceless tween showing off his custom Xbox 360 controllers that were available to buy at the low price of $10. The Instagram fan page that revealed the theory discussed with other users the similarity in the young boy’s voice in the clips to that of Timothee’s Chalamet’s voice at the time, which could be heard in his appearances on Law and Order. ChalametUniverse also pointed out a scar in the video on the boy’s left ring finger, which seemed to match a similar scar of Chalamet’s.

The story resurfaced yesterday, as Vice released a piece deep-diving into the trivial mystery, proving that Timothee Chalamet was in fact the owner of ModdedControler 360. With help from Aric Toller, lead researched for Bellingcat — an independent international collective of researchers, investigators, and citizen journalists that use open source and social media investigation to probe a variety of subjects — Vice was able to search for clues stashed away in Timothee Chalamet’s social media history to prove he was the owner of the YouTube channel. The research team studied an old picture of Chalamet from his verified Instagram account that he posted on July 22. The investigators were able to match the chair Timothee sits on in the photo (thanks to image brightening) to the one seen behind the boy known as ModdedControler 360 on Youtube. You can see the Instagram photo below.

Timothee Chalamet’s old YouTube videos remain online. You can see one of them below.

To much of Timothee Chalamet’s eagerly waiting fan’s delight, the actor finally confirmed that he is in fact the mystery owner of the ModdedControler 360 channel. During an interview with YouTuber Nate Hill alongside fellow Dune star Zendaya, the conversation turned to video games. Chalamet discussed how he got into games like Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee. He then went on to get into both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, which is where he revealed that he was the owner of ModdedController360.