See Dove Cameron Squeezed Into A Tight Tron Outfit For Sexy Halloween Video

Dove Cameron is showing off her geeky side in these sexy video clips dressed as a character from Tron.

By Britta DeVore | Published

With Halloween parties winding down, those of us normies have been catching a lot of looks at celebrities going big for their spooky get-togethers from over the weekend. So far we’ve caught Megan Fox as Pamela Anderson, Jason Blum as M3gan, and even The Boys stars Karl Urban and Jack Quaid as A Clockwork Orange’s Alex and Jason Vorhees, respectively. But leave it to Dove Cameron to blow all our minds when she donned an out of this world Tron inspired look.

Dove Cameron took to TikTok to show off her outfit reminiscent of Olivia Wilde’s Quorra costume in 2010’s Tron: Legacy. In the video, the singer and actress wears a skin-tight black and white suit zipped up just enough for a revealing look. With masterfully done makeup, she’s pulled together with a blue wig sure to catch the eye of party goers everywhere.


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With all the hubbub surrounding a third installment in the franchise, perhaps Dove Cameron was putting it out there that she’d like to nab an audition for Tron. With Jared Leto recently confirming that he would love to take the lead in the highly anticipated movie specifically as resistance fighter Ares, it seems like things are still a go for the project. While no other casting announcements have been made at this time, it sounds like Garth Davis will be taking a seat behind the camera as the film’s director.

There’s also been a rumor surrounding the franchise moving from the big screen onto the small with a Disney+ series possibly in the works. While not much is known about the project, a trusted source close to Giant Freakin Robot provided us with the reimagining possibility back in September. With so many options of where she could fit into the universe, it’s totally possible that Dove Cameron’s Tron costume could land her a spot in the fan favorite story.

Long before Dove Cameron was born, the original Jeff Bridges led, Steven Lisberger helmed 1982 feature Tron hit theaters everywhere. Also starring the late David Warner, Cindy Morgan, and Bruce Boxleitner, the story centered around a famed video game designer (Bridges) who was sucked into a mainframe computer while trying to spy on rival companies. In this universe, the Master Control Program rules over everything as a dictatorship and has hopes of breaking through the technology boundaries and carrying its powers into the real world.

Colorful, exciting, and filled with vibrant fight-to-the-death battles involving light-speeders, the feature became a cult favorite and gained a steady fanbase. Although its 2010 revival met mixed reviews from its followers, the feature was a joy to watch with its glowing colors and, of course, featured Daft Punk both in musical and physical forms. Completely harnessing the vibe, we’d say that Dove Cameron did an excellent job on her eye-catching Tron costume. 

While the spooky season may now be over, it’s been a terrific year for celebrities to show off their costumes both new and old. From Sofia Vergara taking Instagram followers on a trip down Halloween’s of yesteryear to Dove Cameron’s Tron outfit, everyone showed up with their A-game this year.