Donald Glover Is Returning To His Best Role

Donald Glover is confirmed to be returning for the Community movie.

By James Brizuela | Published

News broke that Community was finally going to get the movie treatment for Peacock, leaving many to wonder if Donald Glover would be involved in this Community movie. Now, Dan Harmon has confirmed that Glover is “down to clown” for the new movie that was confirmed for Peacock back in September. This is the perfect timing for Glover, as his hit series Atlanta, is also wrapping up its final season on FX.

Dan Harmon is also busy in his own right, as the man is the creative mind behind both Community and Rick and Morty. However, apart from confirming Donald Glover’s appearance in the Community movie, he also revealed that the movie is currently being written right now. We are not sure when this movie is going to be released, considering both men have slammed schedules, but we would imagine that a 2025 window would not be out of the question.

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Harmon also revealed that he would not be able to make a movie without Donald Glover, and Community would not be the same without the creative actor, singer, and producer. According to Harmon, “Man, I would not want to think about making [the movie] without Donald.” The fans of the series likely feel the same way, as Glover was one of the best parts of the show.

Donald Glover did not fill the role of producer or writer for Community, but we would imagine that he might work in tandem with Dan Harmon in such a manner. Glover has become one of the biggest creators in the world, with Atlanta and his massively successful music career. We would hope that his role as Troy Barnes wouldn’t be the only thing that he would be involved with in terms of this new Community movie.

Donald Glover agreeing to return to Community is huge news, and the only question mark in terms of the cast left is Yvette Nicole Brown. Brown has yet to be confirmed for the movie, though she could be more inclined to sign on now that Glover is confirmed to return to his role. The only actor who is likely not to return is Chevy Chase, who had issues with the series creators, and was subsequently killed off from the show.

However, it would be quite hilarious to have Chevy Chase still return in some manner. If Donald Glover signed on to the Community movie, why not bring back Chase? At least he could be brought back for a small cameo, even if the cameo is some sort of fever dream taken on by one of the other cast members.

There has been no announcement of a director attached yet, or a timetable for which the movie is going to be seen on Peacock. However, the announcement of Donald Glover’s return to Community is certainly one that is going to draw plenty of interest from those wanting to take on the task of directing all the crazy personalities in the show. Peacock also signed a deal to house the six seasons of the series, as well as bring on the movie when it is completed.