Don Cheadle Is A Digital God In The Space Jam 2 Trailer

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 months ago

don cheadle space jam

Don Cheadle is one of those rare actors who has done such varied roles that it is hard to guess what they will pick up next. But even for the 10-time Emmy nominee, the announcement that he is starring in a film like The Space Jam 2 felt rather uncharted territory for the actor. Though now that we have seen the recently released trailer of Space Jam: A New Legacy and got the chance to witness him in the form of the rogue A.I, Al G Rhythm, we can’t wait to see what more he will add to the story! 

The first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy released by Warner Bros. on Saturday, gave us the highly anticipated first look at four-time NBA MVP Lebron James (playing himself), Don Cheadle, and the entire roster of unexpected characters that are a part of the animated basketball team.

The trailer begins with the talented basketball player, LeBron James, pushing his son Dom (Cedric Joe) to follow in his footsteps and become a celebrated basketball player himself. In his drive to build a successful career for his kid, he forgets to take Dom’s aspirations into account. And after a particularly heated exchange, he storms off, only to be sucked into the Warner 3000 entertainment “Server-verse” by a villainous A.I. (Don Cheadle). 

LeBron James follows him and Don Cheadle’s sneaky (but looking pretty cool) A.I. kidnaps him too and offers him a deal– he joins the Tunes Squad (Bugs, Lola, Tweety, Yosemite Sam, and the Tasmanian Devil) in a mega basketball game and faces off against the Goon Squad. They are the super-charged team of professional players brought together by the rogue A.I. If Lebron wins, he gets his son back. 

don cheadle space jam

As described by Don Cheadle in a chat with Entertainment Weekly, his Al G Rhythm is LeBron’s nemesis but he does not think of himself in that way. And while he is not a villain per se, he and LeBron will often end up at opposite ends of a complicated situation, standing against each other. And unlike the villain, Mr. Swackhammer of the 1996 Space Jam, Don Cheadle’s villain is not limited to sitting in the owner’s box. As seen in the trailer, he will be stepping onto the court himself. Whether it is to play opposite LeBron himself is left to be seen. 

But Don Cheadle’s nasty A.I. is not all that is to be seen in the flashy trailer of Space Jam 2 as Warner Bros. has added every possible cartoon character and other familiar characters from its films to it. Apart from the real-life cast of NBA players including Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Kyle Kuzma, Draymond Green, Anthony Davis, and of course, LeBron James, we also have Fred and Wilma Flintstone as well as Betty and Barney Rubble. We see Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman, the Thundercats’ Cheetara, King Kong, Pennywise, a dragon from Game of Thrones, Catwoman, Robin, Iron Giant, the Jetsons, Space Ghost, the Scooby-Doo gang, and many more!

Space Jam: A New Legacy is set to release in theaters as well as on HBO Max on July 16th.