Don Cheadle Is Worried About The MCU

Don Cheadle is concerned the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding too quickly with too many projects.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

Don Cheadle

Marvel Cinematic Universe star, Don Cheadle, is worried about the rapid expansion of the franchise. “It can go on and on and on,” the actor said in an interview with Total Film via CBR. “Hopefully it doesn’t get spread too thin.” However, the 58-year-old was confident that quality wouldn’t be compromised if everyone involved has the same goal.

“There’s still some quality control, and not just trying to expand for expansion’s sake,” he told the publication. He added that the creative team has a clear idea about the storytelling and what they’re trying to accomplish with every project.

Don Cheadle’s concerns are not without merit. Marvel’s 2022 movie and television stable didn’t always inspire confidence in terms of quality. In some instances, it seemed like the studio was willing to give every inconsequential side character a series. As a result, the stories felt like nothing more than a cash grab.

Fortunately, Marvel executives seem to have realized their mistake and are working on a fix. According to a source cited by Cosmic Circus, the studio will re-examine its upcoming projects after receiving negative internal feedback about Phase Four. Disputes over scripts and visual effects allegedly led to substandard quality.

So while Marvel released three movies, three series, and two specials in 2022, the next phase may be smaller. One project that’s still confirmed for 2023 is Secret Invasion, led by Samuel L Jackson. And that story will set the stage for Armor Wars, which Don Cheadle describes as “bananas and very expansive.”  

Elaborating on his description, the Iron Man star said having everyone show up in the stories of other characters is incredible. “I’m in Secret Invasion, so I’m in Sam’s show,” he told Total Film. “And part of that kicks off what happens in Armor Wars.”

Iron Man War Machine Marvel

Don Cheadle is also excited to explore James Rhodes/War Machine further. While the character has appeared in the superhero franchise since 2008, his back story hasn’t been explored. “I don’t think we know anything yet,” the actor said, hinting that Armor Wars will deal with more specifics.

Marvel Studios initially announced Armor Wars as a series in 2020. But by September 2022, the creative team decided that a feature film would be a better option. Although no director is attached to the project, Yassir Lester is set to write the script.

The story is said to adapt a 1987 comic book story arc, in which Iron Man’s armor technology falls into the wrong hands. But with Tony Stark gone, James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) will have to enter an arms race to protect the world from the weapons his friend created.

Filming is scheduled to begin in April 2023 at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with Don Cheadle, Walton Goggins is set to reprise his role as Sonny Burch from 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. The movie currently has no release date.

Created by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, with art by Mark D. Bright and Barry Windsor-Smith, Armor Wars first became popular as a seven-issue, Marvel Comics Iron Man storyline. The story arc first appeared in Iron Man #225–232.