Don Cheadle Making A TV Series For The Black Lives Matter Movement

By Erika Hanson | 1 week ago

don cheadle

A globally-renowned actor and humanitarian just joined a highly anticipated Black Lives Matter series coming to television. Deadline reports that the award-winning book titled They Can’t Kill Us All will be adapted for television with Marvel’s Don Cheadle helming the series. Details surrounding the upcoming project remain under wraps. What is known is that AMC will develop the series and Don Cheadle will be among the executive producers on the show. The production company adapting the book is from Cheadle’s own production company, This Radicle Act. 

The upcoming series will surely garnish plenty of attention with a celebrity like Don Cheadle attached. However, the project itself could likely stand alone even without a famous name attached to it. They Can’t Kill Us All first hit bookshelves in 2016. Written by the young journalist Wesley Lowery, the book chronicles the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. The book features hundreds of interviews during the course of over one year of Lowery’s reporting on the ground as an at-the-time reporter for the Washington Post. The 25-year-old journalist traveled from Ferguson, Missouri, to Cleveland, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina; and Baltimore, Maryland. His goal was simple: documenting unparalleled insight into the reality of police violence in America and those working to find an end to it. 

Other than gaining the attention of Don Cheadle, the book went on to become a New York Times bestseller with a rating of “electric” from the trusted news outlet. Lowery also won the 2017 Christopher Isherwood Prize for Autobiographical Prose from the LA Times Book Prizes. And after gaining national recognition for his diligence and dedication to the cause, Wesley Lowery went on to land roles as a CNN political contributor and he is currently a journalist for CBS News and 60 minutes+

don cheadle hotel rwanda
Don Cheadle as Paul Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Don Cheadle joining the upcoming series makes sense as the 57-year-old celebrity has long been open about his involvement in humanitarian movements. Following suit with one of his most acclaimed roles for 2004’s Hotel Rwanda — as the heroically brave hotel manager in the film adaptation detailing 1994’s deadly Rwandan genocide — Cheadle makes no secret about his involvement in civic affairs. Cheadle co-wrote the book, Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond. To further his movements, Cheadle has been recognized with the Summit Peace Award in 2007. And to tie in with one of his most popular characters, Marvel’s War Machine, Cheadle was named the United Nations Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador in 2010.

While the Black Lives Matter movement continues to draw controversy around the world, there is no denying the immense impact it has had on countless people. The deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray are heavily documented throughout Lowery’s book, and an inside look from one journalist’s journey to document the matter will surely draw in plenty of viewerships for AMC. While there is no set date for release, Don Cheadle has plenty to keep him busy this year as he preps for his return as Rhodey in the upcoming Disney+ series, Armor Wars. The actor will also produce and narrate the upcoming reboot of the classic family drama The Wonder Years.