Dolph Lundgren Leaving Rocky Spinoff Because Of Sylvester Stallone?

It looks like Dolph Lundgren might be standing with Sylvester Stallone when it comes to the potential Rocky spinoff series.

By Doug Norrie | Published

dolph lundgren sylvester stallone

There was some buzz this weekend when it looked like we were getting another addition to the Rocky franchise. It sure appeared like the story was heading back to Russia to focus on one of the truly great and intimidating movie villains we’ve ever seen. That was going to be in the form of his Ivan Drago and sources had it that there was a Rocky spinoff series in the works that would have brought the character back into the fold. But now Sylvester Stallone has spoken up about where he thinks the Rocky franchise is headed and wants no part of it. It appears Dolph Lundgren will be right along with him. The actor chimed in a bit about the situation to lend some clarification about the potential for a series 

We’ll get to Sylvester Stallone’s comments here in a second because man they were really something. But it sure looks like Dolph Lundgren is going to a brother in inflated muscle arms when it comes to any potential for a Drago series anytime soon. That’s because he took to Instagram saying that the potential for the Rocky spinoff series was much further away and speculative than what was possibly believed and/or reported. Additionally, even if things had been getting close, it would appear that Stallone’s admonishment of the project would be enough to make Lundgren back out anyway. Check out what Dolph had to say about it:

A picture of Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren throwing playful fists accompanied a pretty clear message by the latter addressing the potential for the Rocky spinoff. He says that there is no script, no deals, and really nothing else in place for the project. And the most interesting tidbit is the actor saying that he thought Sylvester Stallone himself was going to be part of the project in some shape or form. Whether he was led to believe this or simply assumed it isn’t totally clear. No matter, in his eyes there was a leak that came out well in advance of any concrete info.

This Dolph Lundgren poster was, of course, in response to Sylvester Stallone going a bit of scorched Earth over the weekend in response to the news that there could be a Rocky spinoff series. The Hollywood legend had a few things to say and images to post around what he thought of the idea, essentially calling it a money grab and throwing social media fists at producer Irwin Winkler in particular. Check it out and have no doubt about where Sylvester Stallone’s opinions lie in this matter. He deleted the original post but there was still some evidence of it.

Where this all lands is anyone’s guess, but it sure would appear that Dolph Lundgren is with Sylvester Stallone when it comes to anything Rocky-related going forward. That’s good to know whether they make another project or not. It’s just too iconic of a franchise to not have everyone on the same page in the future.