See Doja Cat Become Marvel’s New Vision

A Doja Cat outfit was made to look like Marvel's Vision for Paris Fashion Week.

By Jessica Scott | Published

doja cat

Doja Cat’s Haute Couture Week look has tongues wagging – and has inspired lots of meme-worthy Photoshopped pics. In a post by Bosslogic on Instagram, you can see the singer transformed into a bejeweled version of Vision a la Marvel’s Avengers. Her body, head, and face are all red, and the artist placed Vision’s trademark silver headpiece on her head. She is wearing a yellow cape and a green dress, giving this Vision a more feminine look.

As weird as this photo edit might look, it’s actually not that far off from the look Doja Cat really wore to Schiaparelli’s Couture Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show. The singer was covered in red body paint and 30,000 Swarovski crystals, a look that took nearly five hours to complete, according to CNN. The singer’s “sublime patience” while the outfit was being put together was described by makeup artist Pat McGrath as “inspiring.”

Doja Cat arrived on the scene in this all-red look and the crowd went wild. Aside from her upper body being covered with glittering red crystals, she wore a red silk bustier and red boots beneath a red skirt covered in red wooden beads. The look was dubbed “Doja’s Inferno” by McGrath, both in reference to the fiery, devilish air the look gave her and to Schiaparelli’s new collection.

Schiaparelli calls this new collection “Inferno Couture,” after having been inspired by Dante’s famous Inferno. Doja Cat’s outfit was just one in a long line of bold, eye-catching outfits hand-picked from this collection to be shown off on the runway.

Kylie Jenner, for instance (who was apparently ignored by Doja Cat for much of the show, according to news sources), was wearing another bizarre outfit from the collection: a strapless, black, velvet gown with a life-sized lion head that covered much of her chest and torso. The lion head wasn’t real, but it certainly looked like it was, which led to a lot of backlash on social media. 

According to The Cut, the lion head was made “entirely by hand” out of silk, wool, resin, foam, and other materials, none of which were harmful to wildlife. According to Schiaparelli’s Instagram page: “NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS LOOK.” Yet still some critics say that wearing animals – even fake ones – promotes the idea that it’s okay to kill animals and use them to make a fashion statement.

Doja Cat was also joined in her representing of the brand by Naomi Campbell, who walked the runway in a black, hairy-looking coat with a black wolf’s head on the shoulder, Irina Shayk who wore a faux snow leopard head on a spotted dress, and Shalom Harlow, who also wore a lion’s headpiece.

According to designer Daniel Roseberry, “I also took direct inspiration from some of [Dante’s] most arresting images. The leopard, the lion, and the she-wolf — representing lust, pride, and avarice, respectively — find form here in spectacular faux-taxidermy creations.”

After seeing everyone’s reactions to the animal outfits, Doja Cat’s look may have actually been the least jarring one of the show. Sure, she may have had to sit still for five hours while someone glued crystals all over her face (including her eyelids), but at least she didn’t remind people of a hunter showing off her fresh kill. 

And besides, now that we know that Doja Cat has the ability to sit in a makeup chair for hours and to look awesome in red body paint, she may be looking at an offer from Marvel to become the next Vision for real!