Multiple Doctor Who Spin-Offs Finally Happening, Showrunner Confirms

Russell T. Davies confirmed Doctor Who spin-offs are in the works for his new era of the sci-fi series.

By James Brizuela | Updated

doctor who spin-offs

Russell T. Davies has returned to Doctor Who in a big way, as the man has now taken the driver’s seat as showrunner once again. Davies has stated many times that his new plan was to extend the universe of the long-standing sci-fi series with Doctor Who spin-offs, and now he has confirmed that fact. According to an interview with GQ, Davies stated, “I thought the streaming platforms are ready, the spin-offs are ready; I always believed in spin-offs when I was there.”

Russell T. Davies was instrumental in taking over Doctor Who back in the early 2000s, which helped catapult the series into a cultural phenomenon. Now that he has returned, his entire plan was to bring the stories of the Time Lord to both streaming services and to extend the universe. It appears that Davies is keeping his word, as Doctor Who will be arriving on Disney+ and is going to focus on more spin-offs to further expand the storylines of everyone’s favorite characters.

This is not the first time that Davies has created Doctor Who spin-offs, as he created both the Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs. Davies did state that he understood the spin-offs declined once he had left the shows behind, but it appears that he plans to take more of an active role in creating this new “Whoniverse.” Some of the proposed spin-offs could be The Nyssa Adventures and a limited series that sees the 10th and 11th doctors teaming up.

Doctor Who spin-offs

Interestingly, Davies is bringing back the 10th doctor for the 60th Anniversary Special, as David Tennant is returning, along with Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). There has been no word if Matt Smith would return as the 11th doctor, but with the anniversary special coming up, Davies might pull out all the stops and bring back the best doctors. The Doctor Who spin-off conversation would certainly heat up if both Tennant and Smith returned at the same time.

Davies is already breaking ground in this new era of Doctor Who, as he brought in Ncuti Gatwa to portray the 15th doctor, a choice that shocked everyone. The names that were thrown around initially were that of Hugh Grant, Michael Sheen, and Richard Oyade. Gatwa was a surprising choice, but certainly an actor plenty capable of ushering in this new era of Doctor Who and its proposed spin-offs.

Doctor Who is set to return later this year, though we are not sure if the anniversary special is going to also reveal the planned spin-offs. Disney+ is also set to be the home of the new era of the sci-fi series, which we hope contains all the episodes of the long-running show. For now, everyone will have to wait and see what Davies comes up with.

David Tennant, Ncuti Gatwa, and many more Time Lords will likely be showing up for this grand new era of Doctor Who. Fans will have to patiently wait to see if Matt Smith shows up again and if he plans to reprise his best role for the proposed Doctor Who spin-off. Davies revived the series back in the early 2000s, and it appears he is set to do the same once again.