Doctor Who To Introduce An LGBTQ Doctor Next Season

Doctor Who could be introducing an LGBTQ Doctor next season.

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Many Doctor Who fans were surprised when they met a new Doctor in early 2020. Could it be happening again? A new rumor from YouTuber The Tardis Zone suggests that showrunner Chris Chibnall has cast an actress to play an LGBTQI+ Doctor. 

The rumor says that the new Doctor will be played by actress Parminder Kaur Nagra. She will be a “secret Doctor”, similar to Jo Martin’s Doctor in the episode “Fugitive of the Judoon”. She will wear an “Indian inspired” costume and will be an LGBTQ character. There are no guesses on when this character would appear or when the showrunner may confirm the rumor.

The source for the rumor is a YouTuber who has mentioned rumors that have proven to be true in the past. Their channel description makes it clear they are not happy with the current direction Doctor Who is taking. Many fans are currently split on the show’s direction and what they feel is wrong with it. 

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The rumored new Doctor, Parminder Kaur Nagra, is a face you may recognize from her long run on ER, her movie Bend it Like Beckham, her part as Senator Ellen Nadeer on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or her more recent role on 13 Reasons Why

This new rumor comes after one claiming that Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor will soon be coming out of the closet as bisexual during an episode. The same YouTuber is the source for these rumors as well. 

How likely is it that we’ll be seeing another secret Doctor soon? Hard to say. The pandemic has changed their production schedule, so changes are announced more slowly. They even adjusted the current season of Doctor Who to cut a few episodes. 

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The first secret Doctor, known as the Fugitive Doctor, was actually an unplanned twist from the writers. This was an unusual move. For something so big to happen, Doctor Who fans normally expect that to be something planned for far in advance and likely to lead to more. Instead, it was an idea brought up by Chibnall to co-writer Vinay Patel while the script was in progress. At this point, we’re unclear on whether Jo Martin’s Doctor will be returning to the show. 

In contrast, Chibnall has known that Captain Jack would be making a return to Doctor Who since 2019. We’ll be seeing the character return for the 70-minute holiday special on January 1st, 2021. The episode is titled “Revolution of the Daleks” and Chris Chibnall has said it is, “An epic, emotional rollercoaster.”

The New Year’s Day special will be the final appearance for Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole. When Chris Chibnall was asked if there was the possibility of their characters returning at some point, he said that you never can tell, leaving the possibility open. Jodie Whittaker was upset on the last day of filming and was quoted saying, “The fam as a four is no more.”

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Will we be seeing another new Doctor from Chibnall? And if so, when? We’ll keep you updated on more information as it comes out.