First Look At Captain Jack Harkness Back On Doctor Who

Get your first look at Captain Jack Harkness in a teaser for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Doctor Who fans got a little taste of nostalgia, way back in January, during the fifth episode of the twelfth series when Captain Jack Harkness made a surprise appearance. He jumped into the action and eventually gave a warning to pass along to the Doctor to be wary of the “lone Cyberman” before teleporting back out of things. Fans were right to get excited about the development considering Harkness, played by John Barrowman, had been a favorite in the universe. Which is why it’s all that more exciting to know we haven’t seen the last of him. It’s been announced that Captain Jack will be back for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Festival.

Get a look at Captain Jack in this preview for the Doctor Who special episode:

The Doctor Who Christmas and New Years’ specials are now a yearly tradition among fans of the show. Starting back in 2005, the show now has 14 Christmas episodes and three New Year’s episodes under its belt. The episodes are typically lightly-themed around the holiday in some way and air on the actual day of the holiday. This year they will be in a struggle with their longtime enemies, the Daleks

Captain Jack Harness returning after his solemn warning for the Doctor wasn’t his last appearance. In the Christmas special, “Revolution of the Daleks” he’ll return to his debonair ways in an effort to help the group fight one of their longtime enemies. A longtime companion of the Doctor, Harkness gained popularity because he acted as something of a foil for the protagonist. Though they were aligned in mission, they typically went about things in decidedly different ways. It made for an excellent on-screen pairing. He was such a hit that he took a prominent role in the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood. But for all his popularity, it had been almost a decade since he’d appeared in anything Doctor Who-related.

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At this point, even Doctor Who fans need some kind of organizational flow chart to cover and explain all of the twists, turns, character changes, and more the series has seen over its thirteen doctors, 57 years on the air, and almost 900 episodes. It’s a true testament to staying power and the firm commitment to keep the character continually changing and updating for generation after generation of viewers. 

Currently, outside of the Christmas Festival, plans to restart the show for it’s 13th season (or Doctor) is currently on hold. Jodie Whittaker is set to reprise her role after being there for the previous two series, but pandemic-related closings forced production to delay. Originally, filming was set to start over the summer in June, but with the push back it didn’t commence until late October. That means Doctor Who won’t officially hit the small screen until 2022, and not even early in the year. Word has it that we are looking at almost two years until it’s back for fans.

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This leaves the Doctor Who Christmas Festival as one of the last original episodes we will see for quite some time. What other surprises do they have in store beyond just bringing back Captain Jack Harkness? Expect there to be at least something considering the hype and excitement around these episodes.