Doctor Who Is Finally Bringing Back Christmas Specials

By James Brizuela | Published

doctor who

Doctor Who might be changing showrunners, Time Lords, and possibly changing up where the series is going to be streamed, but the long-standing series is also bringing back its best type of special: the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Russel T. Davies is now taking over as showrunner again, as he was the showrunner that was responsible for the series gaining back plenty of notoriety in the early 2000s. He was also the man responsible for the Christmas specials, which is something he is set to bring back once again.

Former showrunner Chris Chibnall believed that the Doctor Who Christmas Special aspect was “played out” and opted to instead move all specials to New Year’s. However, with Davies back in charge, he has stated that he is bringing back the Christmas special and is working on the script for the special that is set to air in 2024. According to Davies, “For the first time ever, I’m writing a Christmas Special…the new one is for the end-of-year 2024!”

Doctor Who is set to have its own Christmas Special in 2023, though it will be comprised of three specials that involve former doctor David Tennant and his companion actor, Catherine Tate. They will then pass the torch to the 15th Time Lord, Ncuti Gatwa, and his new companion Ruby Tuesday, who is portrayed by Millie Gibson. Even more exciting is that this new run of Doctor Who is going to be far more of a big budget, as the series was partnered with Bad Wolf Studios, so expect these Christmas Specials to be far more exciting.

David Tennant

Doctor Who is also going to be distributed globally by Disney+, so everyone will get to see this new Christmas Special on the Disney+ platform next year, and in the years following. We are not entirely sure if Disney+ is going to be streaming the magnanimous number of past episodes, but we would imagine they would so that new fans can join in on the science fiction fun. The idea is that the new era of Doctor Who is meant to branch out far more, including adding more content that Davies is currently constructing right now.

Doctor Who is also set to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023, and what better way than to bring back the Christmas Special along with David Tennant and other past doctors? We are just assuming that more of the doctors are going to show up, but it would make sense for the 60th anniversary to bring back past doctors in some grand way. Considering how much Davies is going for, he could be fully ambitious and bring back most of the doctors, even for one quick cameo.

Doctor Who will return on Christmas in 2023, and the new Specials are going to bring everything full circle for Ncuti Gatwa to take over as the new Time Lord. We are not sure when the rest of the series will be available to stream on Disney+, but we would hope that it would be sometime in the fall, with enough time to get caught up before Gatwa takes the reins.