Doctor Strange 2 Reveals A Close-Up Of Three Doctor Strange Variants

By Michileen Martin | 2 months ago

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Doctor Strange 2 creeps closer every day and now some new images reveal variants of the hero expected to show up in the sequel. Like so many other reveals for upcoming superhero movies, the images aren’t from production photos or even concept art. Instead, the promotional images for upcoming Funko figures for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness show us at least a few versions of the good doctor we can expect to meet in May.

As reported by Comic Book, pre-orders for Funko’s Doctor Strange 2 line went live this week, and the company released images of the collectibles, including multiple versions of the titular sorcerer. One of the most easily recognizable variants is a figure for Defender Strange. Though Doctor Strange was actually a founding member of the Defenders, and usually looked nothing like this version, it’s been given the name because it has adopted the look of the costume the hero wore in the 2011-12 Defenders comic. The variant was also spotted in an international TV spot for the film. The Defender Strange figure is included in the image below, bottom center:

doctor strange 2

According to Marvel, the next Strange variant is named “Supreme Strange.” It isn’t confirmed, but many fans are speculating this refers to the sinister variant of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character at the end of the first trailer that premiered as a Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene — the one who says “things just got out of hand.” They’re likewise theorizing this is the version of Strange from Disney+’s What If…? who winds up destroying his home universe in his attempt to resurrect Christine Palmer. However, if we assume Funko is attempting to be accurate to the film, then that doesn’t quite work. You’ll notice in the image below that Supreme Strange (bottom left) has no facial hair, and is wearing a different outfit from the evil-looking Strange from the trailer.

doctor strange 2
doctor strange 2

Finally there’s what appears to be a brand new version of Strange completely unique to Doctor Strange 2. He’s covered in a blue hue and his outfit includes a crazy design pattern. He kind of looks like someone carved him out of a vase from the 1970s. He’s in the image below, bottom center.

doctor strange 2

Of course, the variants aren’t the only Doctor Strange 2 figures being offered. There are collectibles depicting multiple versions of the prime MCU Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer, Scarlet Witch, Mordo, Wong, America Chavez, and the green-furred horn-headed Rintrah. There’s also a Funko collectible for a character that’s causing a lot of buzz because she hasn’t been announced yet for the movie. She’s in the image with Supreme Strange, and if you don’t feel like scrolling back up, here’s a close up.

sara doctor strange 2

She’s referred to simply as “Sara,” and her garb makes her look like one of the disciples of Kamar-taj. As Games Radar points out, there are two likely characters from the source material. One is Sara Wolfe, who for a time is Wong’s love interest. The other — and arguably more intriguing possibility — is Sara Krowler Mordo, the mother of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordo.