Disney’s Upcoming Tron Movie Already Being Boycotted

Disney's decision to make Tron 3 with Jared Leto as the star set off a firestorm of negative sentiment on social media.

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Plenty of people love the Tron franchise, but plenty of people also aren’t fans of Jared Leto. So, when he was announced as the lead in an upcoming threequel, feelings were mixed. People took to Twitter to express what they thought about his casting decision and most aren’t too happy.

This tweet pretty much sums up the ‘mixed feelings’ Tron fans are having with a meme. They want a new movie to happen, but they don’t want Jared Leto to be the star. It’s pretty cut-and-dry that fans would prefer for this to turn out a different way.

This Twitter user breaks down the disappointing elements of the announcement. While a new Tron movie is exciting, they’re (presumably) leaving out Daft Punk for the soundtrack, and Jared Leto is taking the lead. They express particular disappointment that the new film won’t be adapting the animated series Tron: Uprising that took place between the original movie and the sequel.

This user points out that it’s an odd decision not to bring back Joseph Kosinski to direct the new Tron movie. Kosinski directed the smash hit Top Gun: Maverick this year and also directed the underrated sequel Tron: Legacy. Clearly, he knows how to direct sequels to beloved films from the 80s and could probably make the Jared Leto casting sting a little less.

Fans are also disappointed that they’re leaving Garrett Hedlund out of the next entry to the Tron franchise. While Jared Leto is leading this film, it would make sense to bring Hedlund back for some continuity. Of course, there’s still time to announce that Hedlund will be joining the cast (though it seems likely he won’t be in the lead role).

This user had a casting pitch of their own, saying things would be much better if the new Tron movie cast Cillian Murphy instead of Jared Leto. It seems like the consensus is that fans would prefer if Leto was left out altogether. Or at least played a smaller role.

This user pretty much summed up their feelings with this clip of Homelander from The Boys. Fans have waited a long time for another Tron movie, and they didn’t want Jared Leto in the lead role. It doesn’t seem likely that this casting choice will change, so hopefully, the film will be able to overcome the assumptions working against it and be actually good.

The last film in the franchise was Tron: Legacy, and it turned out to be much better than people expected. The story was solid, the Grid was upgraded with stunning visual effects, and Daft Punk contributed an absolute banger of a score. While there is still time for Tron: Ares to get Daft Punk onboard, it seems unlikely since the musical duo retired in 2021.

Whether people like it or not, Tron: Ares will star Jared Leto and be directed by Joachim RΓΈnning (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales). Deadline reports that Justin Springer, Leto, Emma Ludbrook, and Jeffrey Silver will be producing. We’ll keep you updated on this movie as more news is announced.