See Disney Tease The Return Of The X-Men

Disney has teased the return of the X-Men by posting a Twitter gif of Wolverine for Disney Plus Day.

By James Brizuela | Published


Disney is set to have its annual Disney+ Day in five days’ time. This new celebration is likely going to include plenty of new teasers for fans to take in, especially when it comes to the world of Marvel. The MCU-loving world is still expecting some huge announcements now that San Diego Comic-Con has officially ended. One of those huge announcements that everyone is waiting for is the inclusion of the X-Men into the MCU. More importantly, who is going to be cast as the new Wolverine? That question is being posed even more now that Hugh Jackman has hung up his claws for good. Disney put everyone into a tizzy, as they teased Disney+ Day with a gif that could mean the announcement everyone is waiting for is happening soon. You can see the tease below:

To be fair, the six claws that Hugh Jackman is shooting out could be symbolic of the six-day countdown that Disney started with this Twitter post. However, there seems to be more going on. In case you can’t see the big bold letters of the hashtags, one references Disney Plus Day, and the other is the X-Men. Anyone who knows anything about Marvel knows that Wolverine is part of that superhero team. However, Disney made it a point to ensure that the hashtag was bolded and holds the same importance as the Disney Plus Day hashtag does. We might finally be getting a much clearer picture of the X-Men being indoctrinated within the MCU.

So far, the only “mutant” that has been introduced is Ms. Marvel. Instead of her having some interstellar powers like her Captain Marvel counterpart, Marvel decided to alter her backstory a bit. Ms. Marvel is actually now a mutant, which technically means that mutants are in the MCU. Sure, we did get to see Professor Xavier in Doctor Strange 2, but there were no mentions of any sort of mutant DNA. Also, he was mercilessly killed by the Scarlet Witch, so we might not be seeing him again. However, as previously stated, Ms. Marvel is technically the first mutant in the MCU. Now, we might be seeing a full X-Men announcement follow that soon. At least, that is the hope right now.

There have been many people attached to the role of Wolverine, with the most recent being Taron Egerton. The famed actor did admit that he was reading for the part and had got dressed up in the costume but failed to see himself in that role and subsequently turned it down. Since this information has now come to light, it could mean that Disney and Marvel have found the new Wolverine, and the above tweet holds some great foreshadowing. Then again, we could be seeing a full X-Men announcement.

The X-Men are not part of the grand plans for Marvel’s Phase 5, but it would be amazing if Disney was hiding something and is planning to release a mutant-based film soon. Even more than that, they could release an X-Men series for Disney+ that has not yet been revealed. This is all wishful thinking, but that Wolverine tease has us hoping that something big is about to be announced.