Disney+ Could Get A Lot Cheaper For Some Users, Here’s Why

By Britta DeVore | 2 months ago

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From Peacock to Paramount+, streaming services have been popping up everywhere. It seems like every network is trying their hand at the streaming game after Netflix and Hulu came onto the scene years ago, beginning a mass exodus from the previously popular network television. But while more platforms burst onto the scene, a saturation problem is beginning to hit, driving some streamers to rethink their way of gaining new subscribers. And that is exactly what Disney+ is facing down right now. If you are one of Disney+’s millions of subscribers, you’ve probably noticed that the option for a lower monthly bill in exchange for ad based commercials doesn’t exist. Reportedly, that’s all about to change.

According to a report from The Information, the Mickey Mouse based service is considering making a switch as to how they gain subscribers by offering a new tier at a lower cost. The choice comes as Disney+ hopes to become more profitable by 2024. The idea may have come to Disney+ after the company acquired rival streamer, Hulu. Hulu has always given viewers an ad supported option, running them $6.99 a month to binge all of their favorites with limited ad interruptions throughout. While we aren’t sure yet of what Disney+ may set their possible new tier at, it may reflect Hulu’s pricing, or go for a lower number to compete with networks like Paramount+ who have an ad base price of $4.99. 

With an incredible slate of content, it wouldn’t shock us if Disney+ decided to move forward with their alleged ad-supported plan. All generations can get in on the Disney fun with Disney Channel Original Movies from the 90s, and older classics from way back when. There’s truly something for everyone on the platform. Not only do they feature their own content, but since making huge moves and taking over the Marvel Cinematic Universe (with the exception of the Spider-Man franchise), National Geographic, Lucasfilms aka Star Wars, and their own animation offshoot, Pixar, there’s a lot to love about having a Disney+ subscription.

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It has also recently been announced that Netflix will be sharing some of their MCU wealth, pushing off several of their series to Disney+. Tied into the deal, Disney will gain Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders. All are set to hit Disney+, so those MCU fans who are looking to cut off Netflix in exchange for Disney+ will now be able to do so while accessing all the crime fighting content under the sun. 

Along with the possible ad-subscription tier, Disney+ is planning to do a rollout of some new settings to give parents and all other users peace of mind. There will be new parental controls added to give guardians better oversight of what youngsters are tuning into, allowing them to now set ratings restrictions for each individual profile. Users will also be able to lock profiles with a PIN which will serve both parents and those dealing with unwanted subscription clingers. All in all, things look like they’re changing over at the Disney offices. For those that are hoping for a cheaper way to subscribe, rest assured that your voices are being heard and updates appear to be on the way.