Disney Paying Off Iconic Actors To Keep Them From Critiquing The Company?

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Disney may be fooling celebrities into signing NDAs in exchange for promises of future work.

By Chad Langen | Updated


As one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in the world, the Walt Disney Company wields immense influence and boasts an extensive portfolio of iconic franchises and intellectual properties. However, there has been a recent surge of circulating rumors that point to a troubling development within the company. According to Bounding Into Comics, Disney’s treatment of Disney Legends — i.e. celebrities who have worked with the company for longer than most — allegedly includes asking them to sign non-disclosure agreements while offering them future work as an incentive.

However, a notable and deeply concerning issue arises when the work that was promised to these revered Disney Legends fails to materialize, casting doubts on the company’s commitments. Disturbing reports suggest that Disney is purportedly sidelining these esteemed individuals, effectively stifling their voices and preventing them from expressing any form of critique. Such alleged treatment raises profound concerns about the ethical integrity of the company and its apparent readiness to exploit the reputation, loyalty, and contributions of these highly regarded individuals for its own advantage.

For those unfamiliar, Disney Legends is an esteemed hall of fame program established by The Walt Disney Company in 1987 to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the Disney brand and its legacy. Inductees into the program are celebrated for their exceptional talents and achievements across various fields, such as animation, film, television, and theme park design. They serve as an embodiment of the company’s creative spirit and are revered as icons within the Disney community and beyond.

Examples of such legends include Mark Hamill, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Phil Collins, Kurt Russell, Jon Favreau, and James Earl Jones.

mark hamill

According to well-known insider WDW Pro, Disney is reportedly approaching some of these celebrities with enticing offers of involvement in enormous and spectacular projects. However, the issue lies in the fact that these Legends often do not end up actively participating in the project, despite receiving credit for their contributions. As per WDW Pro, the alleged intent behind this approach is to bind them to contractual agreements that restrict them from speaking critically about the company.

Although rumors of this might typically be brushed aside, it’s worth noting that Disney has faced similar accusations in the past. In 2017, Steve Whitmire, the long-time puppeteer behind The Muppets character Kermit the Frog, spoke about his termination from the role during an appearance on Today. Whitmire, who had portrayed the character since 1990 after Jim Henson’s passing, alleged that Disney had attempted to have him sign a non-disclosure agreement after he was fired.

Whitmire elaborated that, in exchange for signing the non-disclosure agreements, he was presented with what he termed as “consolation prizes” by Disney. “They were going to honor me, give me Disney Legends awards, things like that, but that required signing a NDA,” he explained. He continued by expressing his belief that the company’s primary concern was safeguarding its image above all else.

This alleged mistreatment of these celebrities is just one among several instances of scrutiny that Disney has faced in recent years. From controversies surrounding representation and cultural appropriation to labor disputes and treatment of employees such as sweeping lay-offs, the company’s actions have increasingly come under the microscope. These repeated incidents have ignited an increased demand for transparency, fairness, and accountability from the Mouse House, which stands as one of the most influential companies worldwide.