Disney World Facing Major Lawsuit Over Star Wars Ride

By Carolyn Jenkins | 16 seconds ago

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Since Disney’s acquisition of Marvel properties, the media and entertainment giant has been bigger than ever. The company has been the subject of attention in light of all the new shows they will be premiering. Disney Plus Day showcased sneak peeks of everything that fans were looking forward to including clips from Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. But Disney has also been the source of unwanted attention. Recently Disney has been sued over their theme park ride Rise of the Resistance. The ride is part of the Star Wars experience at Disney, otherwise known as Galaxy’s Edge. The park may be one of the most popular attractions at Disney World. And now Raven Sun Creative is suing Disney World for one of the park’s most popular attractions.

The disputed technology involves a vertical rolling trolley which incorporates images on a screen. The ride emulates reality in a way meant to make riders feel fully immersed. Raven Sun Creative claims to own the patent on this technology and alleges that Disney World is utilizing the technique for their ride. According to Florida Politics, Raven Sun Creative claims to have been in contact with Disney in 2014 to propose this technology but Disney wasn’t interested. The lawsuit claims that Disney continues to knowingly infringe upon this patent and are subsequently making money off of it.

The Rise of the Resistance ride has used the disputed technology to become the flagship attraction at Galaxy’s Edge. It opened in December of 2019 and continues to see profits. While theaters have struggled during the COVID-19 virus, fans seem to be buying Disney tickets more than ever. Not only that, but tickets to Disney World have risen at an astronomical rate. Naturally Star Wars attracts many fans and this may be the reason for the rise in prices. On the Instagram for PieChartPirate, a graphic demonstrates that prices have risen more than rent, gasoline, and wages since the 1970’s. This is especially reflective of the past few years, coinciding with the new Star Wars Saga as well as the Star Wars attractions at Disney World.

If history has proven anything, nothing can stop Disney fanatics from attending these rides. The Marvel acquisition is only the latest news in Disney’s domination over the market. Theme park rides seem to be indicative of what the fans want. There have been countless properties that once were theme park rides at Disney World and become smash successes at the box office. First and foremost to remember is the Pirates of the Caribbean. This was once an animatronic ride at Disney and since became a franchise starring Johnny Depp. It yielded four sequels and may have a spin-off in the future.

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Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s recent action film Jungle Cruise was also once a ride at Disney World. Already Jungle Cruise 2 has been announced, proving that Dwayne Johnson can almost do no wrong at the box office. Disney has constantly had massive success with their properties and they don’t seem to be stopping now. Even with the patent lawsuit, there is no indication that the Rise of the Resistance will change any time soon.