Disney Couldn’t Help Themselves, There’s A Secret Jedi In Andor

Disney might have snuck a secret Jedi into Andor, and fans think it is Luthen.

By James Brizuela | Published

Disney and Lucasfilm were doing a fantastic job with Andor, especially considering the show is based around the rebellion, and not the one involving the mystical Jedi and their lightsaber dueling ways. However, fans are now speculating that Disney couldn’t stand to have a show without showing or speaking of a Jedi, and we are meant to find this information out soon. The theory is that Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen is a former Jedi who may have fallen to the Darkside.

For those who have not seen Andor Episode 10, look away, as the rest of this piece may contain spoilers. Luthen gives quite a passionate speech, which led fans to point out its Jedi-Esque phrasing. Luthen states, “My anger, my ego, my unwillingness to yield, my eagerness to fight, has set me on a path from which there’s no escape.”

luthen andor

This entire quote and the corresponding speech have led many to believe that Luthen was a Jedi who survived Execute Order 66 and has now fallen to the path of the Darkside. He is quite hell-bent on wanting to stop the Empire, which would lead more to the theory that he became angered over watching the Jedi essentially be wiped out. While we don’t expect him to break out a lightsaber at any point during Andor, we would also not put it past Disney to do so, as they sometimes can get out of their own way.

Andor has been special in that it doesn’t rely on lightsabers, the Jedi, or even Darth Vader to showcase the fight of the rebellion. This has made the series special to Star Wars fans considering that almost every other property has been solely about the Skywalker Saga. While Andor’s roots are certainly embedded in the events of the Skywalker Saga, it exists to show what “normal” soldiers were willing to do to fight tyranny.

We are not sure if Andor is going to uncover the secrets about Luthen and get him to outright admit he was once a Jedi, but we would imagine that would sort of derail the entire point of the new Star Wars series. Jedi are great, but we all need a break from the battles that are won at the hands of mysticism and powers. Hopefully, there is an emotional moment that is shared by Luteh where he admits what he was once, but the series can move past it quickly and not dwell on that fact.

There is plenty of time for more about Luthen to be revealed in Andor, as the second season is starting production soon, which brings the total count of episodes to a whopping 24. Fans can catch up on Disney+ right now to hear the impassioned speech from Luthen and determine if he sounds anything like a disgraced Jedi, much like Obi-Wan sounded in his solo series as well. The 10th episode premiered today on the streaming platform, with the next coming out on November 16th.

Andor would benefit more from not bringing the Jedi into the equation, but we would imagine that Disney is chomping at the bit to at least mention them in some greater capacity. We will certainly find out more as the season goes on, especially considering Darth Vader shows up in Rogue One, which is the ending events of Andor’s journey.