Fan Favorite Fantasy Series Goes To Disney+

By Douglas Helm | 11 mins ago

disney plus descendants

Fans of the Disney series Descendants have a new movie to look forward to in the future. It was recently announced that the fantasy series is getting a fourth movie, with the working title The Pocketwatch. Jennifer Phang (Half-Life) is on board to direct with a script by Dan Frey and Russell Sommer. This addition to the franchise follows Descendants 3 which was released in 2019.

The Descendants movies follow the teenage children of some of Disney’s most well-known characters, primarily their most well-known villains. The story takes place in the utopian city of Auradon and the prison island Isle of Lost, which houses the villains of Disney’s past. The first movie introduced audiences to the ongoing protagonists of the series, Maleficient’s daughter Mal (Dove Cameron), Cruella de Vil’s son Carlos (Cameron Boyce), Jafar’s son Jay (Booboo Stewart), and the Evil Queen’s daughter Evie (Sofia Carson). This fourth film will be the first Descendants entry without lead star Cameron Boyce, who passed away in 2019.

The fourth Descendents movie will introduce us to two new protagonists and a new land outside of Auradon and the Isle of Lost. The Pocketwatch will introduce the hostile and unincorporated land of Wonderland, made famous in the Alice in Wonderland novel and movie. It will also introduce us to Red, the teenage daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe, the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming. The two will have to go on a time-traveling adventure to save Auradon from a coup and a potentially catastrophic event. The movie will be a musical, fantasy adventure that will surely delight fans of the franchise up to this point.

Since the release of the first Descendents, the franchise has become a huge juggernaut for Disney. The premieres of the movies have ranked as the most-watched cable movies in 2015, 2017, and 2019 for the kids and tween age groups. In addition to the three movies and the upcoming fourth movie, the franchise has also spawned spin-off series, various short films, television specials, and novels. The first two soundtracks are also certified gold.

While there isn’t any current casting news, presumably most of the cast from the original Descendants movies will be returning for The Pocketwatch. Production designer Mark Hofeling will also be returning for this sequel. Gary Marsh is on as an executive producer. This will be the first movie in the mainline franchise that isn’t directed by Kenny Ortega. The end of the last movie saw Mal becoming queen of the Isle and a bridge being built between the two lands. Since this movie is a sequel, it should be following the events of what has been established in the three movies so far, so the bridge between the Isle of Lost and Auradon will likely play a factor. It remains to be seen how much the original cast is involved, but fans will certainly be happy to return to the land of Auradon. You’ll be able to catch The Pocketwatch on Disney+ when it is finally released.