Disney Star-Studded Adventure Is The Best Version Of The Classic Story

By Christopher Isaac | Published

When people think of the Disney brand, the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is their trove of classic animated films. However, while there are much less of them, Disney has turned out some great live-action films as well, like the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Yet, one live-action gem that many fans might overlook is 1993’s The Three Musketeers.

A Fascinating Time Capsule Of Starpower

Looking back at Disney’s The Three Musketeers, it is a fun time capsule of actors who were either already at their peak of stardom or would soon go on to huge things.

Charlie Sheen has a starring role in his post-Major League, pre-­Two and a Half Men era of fame. Kiefer Sutherland also stars as one of the main trio, focusing on his movie career before his career skyrocketed thanks to his long-running time on the TV show 24. Oliver Platt, a veteran character actor, rounds out the trio.

Tim Curry is always delightful, bringing as much fun and charisma to the role of the villainous Cardinal Richelieu as he usually does.

More Inspired By And Less Adaptation Of

This version of The Three Musketeers treats the original 1844 novel more as inspiration for the film’s story rather than an effort to be an accurate adaptation. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. With a story that has been told as often as this classic, it makes sense to add something new to the mix to stand out from all the other versions.

Has Fun With The Genre

Beyond the strong cast of actors holding up this version of The Three Musketeers, one detail that critics enjoyed that set this version apart from others was its sense of humor. With numerous established comedians on the cast, the script embraces that with some poking fun at the genre and some winks and nods about tropes and expectations. It adds some fun Disney flair to this version aimed at a more specifically child-centric audience.

Other Major Names Were Considered

Even if you are already a fan of this version of The Three Musketeers, some interesting trivia that you may not have known is just how many other big-name actors were considered for parts in the movie.

Before the role ultimately went to Chris O’Donnell, both Brendan Fraser and Brad Pitt had originally been considered for the part of D’Artagnan. Others who had at one point or another been broached for a spot in the film included Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman, Al Pacino, and Robert Downey Jr.

A Wild Success Made For Relatively Cheap

It is also remarkable how trim the budget was for a Disney action movie at the time compared to what Disney invests nowadays. Disney’s The Three Musketeers was made on just $30 million. Admittedly, that number would be higher today when adjusted for inflation from 1993. However, it is still astounding when you look at the live-action remakes that Disney is doing, which often run over $200 million.

Streaming Now On Disney+

If you feel like you have seen every major telling of The Three Musketeers, perhaps Disney’s take on the classic story can offer something fresh and new to excite you. If you have yet to see this underrated live-action Disney gem, check out The Three Musketeers on Disney+ today.