Dexter Spin-Off About The Most Prolific Serial Killer In The Works?

A Dexter spin-off revolving around John Lithgow's Trinity Killer is allegedly in the works.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

John Lithgow

While we were bummed to hear that Dexter: New Blood was dead in the water and not returning for a second season, it certainly put a pep in our step to discover that the series will be coming back by way of a prequel. And to sweeten the pot even more, The Wall Street Journal has reported the possibility that another Dexter universe-centered spinoff could be taking place, this time focusing on the sinister Trinity Killer. Presumably, the show would follow the life of the evil killer, originally played by John Lithgow, who gave Dexter a run for his money in the Showtime series. 

For those who may not remember, the fourth season of Dexter introduced Arthur Mitchell, aka the Trinity Killer. Throughout the season, audiences watched as the titular character, played by Michael C. Hall, along with law enforcement, did their best to track down the murderer. Operating for over 30 years, the Trinity Killer knew the ins and outs of avoiding capture, but just like the others in Dexter’s sights, he too fell into a trap.

Not only was John Lithgow’s performance on Dexter as the Trinity Killer a favorite among fans, but he was also a hit with the critics. For his appearance in the series, Lithgow would earn a slew of award nominations and take home a Golden Globe. With this in mind, a series centered around the killer seems like the right direction for those attached to Dexter to move in.

Dexter trinity killer

As for the Dexter prequel series, it’s unclear whether the Trinity Killer will make an appearance in it, but we do know that they plan to tie in real-life serial killers of the time. Depending on when the series takes place, this could mean that we’ll see dramatized versions of anyone from Dennis Rader to Jeffrey Dahmer or Aileen Wuornos. With the series shaping itself as an origin story depicting how Dexter took on the life that he stepped into, we can presume that Michael C. Hall won’t be returning and instead a younger actor most likely will take his place. 

Along with the return of Dexter via a prequel series and possibly even a Trinity Killer spinoff, Showtime has announced their plans to move forward with other projects that would expand on the universe of Billions and bring in a new action thriller that’s been billed as similar to Homeland. The news comes hot on the heels of a wave of cancellations at the network that saw titles like Let the Right One In, American Gigolo, Super Pumped, Kidding, and On Becoming a God in Central Florida receiving the axe.

As for the Dexter prequel and a possible Trinity Killer-based spinoff, we predict both will be a major hit for Showtime, which has seen some flops over recent years. Although fans weren’t happy with how the series ended in 2013, many were excited about how the showrunners would fix their blunders in 2021’s revival, Dexter: New Blood. Now that the one-season series is done with its run, we’re glad that production is hearing the cries of the Dexter fandom and pushing forward with new stories to come from the serial killer’s universe.