Dexter Season 9 Trailer Introduces Jim Lindsay

In this new Dexter season 9 trailer we are introduced to the titular character's new altar ego Jim Lindsay living in a small town.

By Doug Norrie | Published

dexter season 9 trailer

We are starting to get a sense of how this next season of the serial killer show will turn out with a Dexter season 9 trailer dropping. The show is making a somewhat unexpected return for another season after having seemed to wrap things up almost a decade ago. But this new season will have a totally different tone to it will have the titular character in a new setting with a new alias. That’s definitely the sense from this first trailer. 

In the Dexter season 9 trailer, we are introduced to Jim Lindsay, the new alter ego for Dexter Morgan. He’s now living in upstate New York, having made an escape from Miami by faking his own death. In this new season he’s now living in a quiet, somewhat scenic town and it hasn’t taken long for him to be a staple of the small-town culture, part of the fabric of the howdies and hellos down the main street. Check out the trailer for the next season of Dexter. 

This is no longer Dexter but rather mild-mannered Jim Lindsay, and in the time since he left Miami until when this Dexter season 9 trailer picks up, he’s obviously made himself quite at home in the small town. According to some other social media postings, we know that Jim is no longer in the forensics game but has transitioned to something a little more fitting for the area. He’s now working in a fish and game store. The place is called Fred’s and he has the look of a dude who could easily already have been employee of the month. 

But we also see in this Dexter season 9 trailer that the past still plays a part in Dexter’s life. He stops for just a moment to look loving, and maybe even with significant lament at a collection of knives in a store window. It wouldn’t appear that at this point he’s gotten back into the serial killer killing game, but I’m sure it won’t take long. This is Dexter we are talking about and you can take the killer out of Miami but you can’t have him just turn the switch off completely. 

Though this shorter Dexter season 9 trailer doesn’t let on some of the major plot points, acting more of an introduction to Jim Lindsay than anything else, we do know some things about this next season of the show. Dexter has moved to somewhere in the New England/ Northeast area and is about to come at odds with some evil in this small town. That’s going to come in the form of Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, a former truck driver-turned-mayor who has some secrets of his own. 

Additionally, we know that The Mandalorian’s Julia Jones has been cast as the local police chief, the first Native American to take the role in the town. And we do know that Dexter will strike up a friendship with a local boy who is in need of some help. This latest Dexter season 9 trailer doesn’t let us on to those plot points right away, instead just stages some of the new setting for Dexter. It should be a great return to the character and the show is set to release in the fall of this year.