Denzel Washington Officially Shooting Sequel To One Of His Best Movies

New stills confirm Denzel Washington is currently filming The Equalizer 3.

By Mark McKee | Published

Antoine Fuqua is one of the most talented directors in Hollywood, with hits such as Training DayShooterOlympus Has Fallen, and King Arthur. There are also a few actors that he has worked with in multiple projects, such as Mark Wahlberg in the movie adaptation of the Bob Lee Swagger novel series Shooter and the Paramount+ sci-fi production of Infinite. His most frequent collaborator is one of the most legendary actors of all time, Denzel Washington: he directed him first in 2001’s Training Day, then again 13 years later in The Equalizer, followed by Magnificent Seven and The Equalizer 2. Now, Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington have connected again for The Equalizer 3, and according to Collider, the film has begun shooting

According to the report, production stills have been released to show Denzel Washington and other cast members are shooting The Equalizer 3, on the Amalfi coast. The films are based on a tv series running from 1985 to 1989 on CBS, and not only has the series been adapted to the Antoine Fuqua films, but a new reboot on CBS starring Queen Latifa as well. While the plot of the latest installment hasn’t been released, the photo stills and the knowledge that the film has begun filming means we are probably fairly close to finding out what will happen to the cast moving forward. 

The Equalizer 3 is not only the reunion of Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua, but it also is bringing the legendary actor back together with former child actress Dakota Fanning. Fanning starred with Washington in the 2004 film helmed by Tony Scott, Man on Fire. That film saw Creasy (Washington) as a burnt-out man of action hired by a wealthy couple played by Marc Anthony (Hackers and The Substitute) and Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black and Olympus Has Fallen) to protect their daughter (Fanning) in a dangerous city wrought with abductions. While the film centered on their relationship, as he became a quasi-father figure to the girl, it isn’t likely it will be a similar relationship their characters will play in this film. 

The first film in the series introduced a new generation to the character of Robert McCall (Washington), a former US Marine and DIA Intelligence Officer who springs into action again to protect a young prostitute from the Russian Mafia. The film also starred Chloe Grace Moretz, David Harbour, Melissa Leo, and Bill Pullman. The second film sees Washington return as McCall and along with Leo and Pullman, with McCall on the path of revenge after the death of a friend. The second film also stars Pedro Pascal, but no word on any of the former stars returning to play alongside Denzel Washington for Equalizer 3.

As of now, there are very few details about what Denzel Washington will face in The Equalizer 3, but you can bet it will involve Robert McCall reaching down to find the deepest depths of the capability of human violence to dispatch the worst of the worst. Maybe Dakota Fanning is in trouble and needs his help nearly 20 years later, or better yet, perhaps she is the one he is up against. We will have to wait and see.