A New Dennis Quaid Movie Just Released On Netflix

By Rick Gonzales | 2 weeks ago

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For the bulk of Dennis Quaid’s career, he’s focused mainly on feature films, and quite successfully. While the past nine or so years have seen Quaid jump over more and more to television, he still finds time for the occasional feature. His latest feature, Blue Miracle, has just been released on Netflix.

Blue Miracle is based on a true story and stars Dennis Quaid as Wade, a grizzled fisherman who, at one time, was quite successful in the fishing tournament circles. The story follows the financial struggles of a Cabo San Lucas orphanage and their caregiver Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) who tries to keep them afloat.

Set in 2014, Omar’s orphanage is in trouble. Feeling the pinch from all directions, Omar is looking for help. Then the devastating Hurricane Odile hit the region, causing even more financial hardships. With things going from bad to worse, Omar finds himself in a situation he dreads – asking for assistance.

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With the entire region reeling, Omar finds himself at the headquarters of the local headquarters of Bisbee’s. The company is known for its high-stakes fishing tournaments and had one scheduled for Cabo San Lucas until Odile swept through the area. Bisbee’s took a significant hit as well but instead of canceling the fishing tournament, they decided to move forward with it, even waiving the fees for local fishermen so the tournament could continue.

Omar has found his help, or so he hopes. Having never fished before, Omar now has to team up with fishing legend Wade (Dennis Quaid), as well as some of the kids from the orphanage, as they aim to win the $250,000 grand prize.

Of course, Wade is not happy with involving the kids. His idea of how to treat children is in direct opposition from Omar. Wade prefers to let the kids see the reality of the world while Omar tends to be their protector. A balance is eventually met, allowing the kids to see and understand both sides.

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Blue Miracle is directed by Julio Quintana, who also had a hand in co-writing the script. He handles the directing duties with skill, especially once out on the open sea. While the script is fairly formulaic, it does the job of creating tension and excitement with the fishing tournament as well as touch a few emotional chords as the story wraps up.

While the movie is definitely a Hollywood film, it does follow the miraculous true story of the Casa Hogar orphanage. To tell the true story of events this movie was based on, we’ll have to spoil a bit of this Dennis Quaid movie. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you don’t want to know anything about the film’s resolution. The group, who truly never fished before, entered the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Fishing Tournament and after bringing in a 385-pound blue marlin, won themselves the entire prize money of $258,325. Even more notable was the fact that all involved on the fishing boat decided not to split the money amongst themselves, but to give every last dollar to Casa Hogar.

Dennis Quaid seems to be enjoying the roles he’s finding later in his career. He plays Wade as he should, old and grumpy. As he approaches 70, you can expect more of this from the veteran actor. He does, though, have an impressive resume to lean on.

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With a career that began in the mid-70s, Dennis Quaid has involved himself in every genre of film possible. He’s been in comedies, science fiction, thrillers, heck, Quaid even starred as Mike Brody, son to police chief Martin Brody, in Jaws-3D.

Some of Dennis Quaid’s better-known films include The Right Stuff, Innerspace, Suspect, DOA, Any Given Sunday, and Frequency. One of his most underrated films is the 1993 comedy crime caper Undercover Blues where he teams with Kathleen Turner as Jeff and Jane Blue, two FBI agents who, while on maternity leave, are called back into duty to help take down a former Czech Secret Police officer who has grabbed herself a large cache of powerful explosives. Stanley Tucci has a memorable role as Muerte, a mugger who just can’t seem to mug properly.

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Lately, Dennis Quaid has been spending much of his time on the small screen. Since 2012, much of Quaid’s work has centered around television with roles on series such as Vegas, The Art of More, Fortitude, Goliath, Merry Happy Whatever, and Make It Up As We Go.

Dennis Quaid does have a few feature projects lined up. One has him portraying our countries 40th President in Reagan. For now, though, you can take a quick peek at Blue Miracle on the trailer below, then head on over to Netflix to see the entire film.