Deadpool Will Be Both PG-13 And Rated R With Disney

Deadpool is going to dance between being age-appropriate and as foul as ever.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Deadpool is the kind of character that is going to be interesting to see brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe fold. The R-rated character has been in limbo ever since Fox was purchased by Disney. Fans have been on edge anticipating some update with the future of the Ryan Reynolds comedic superhero. Well, it sounds like we might have a significant update.

According to Geekosity, Deadpool will be showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but will also headline his own feature films. When he is palling around with the Avengers and Spider-Man, the Merc With a Mouth will be on his best behavior and won’t be cursing up a storm or decapitating any supervillains. When he gets to go on his own solo adventures, Wade Wilson will be as vulgar and violent as audiences would expect him to be.

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The way that Disney will handle this is by removing any obvious attachment to the solo Deadpool franchise. They will brand those films under the 20th Century Studios moniker (formerly 20th Century Fox) and not show any outward connection to the regular Marvel Cinematic Universe. Audiences will be able to catch on pretty quickly though since there is also a rumor that an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe villain will become a regular supporting member of the Deadpool crew.

Geekosity also claims that Taskmaster and Deadpool will become twisted friends after meeting and fighting in Deadpool 3. Taskmaster is set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance in Black Widow, so audiences will definitely be able to see how the two characters connect to the rest of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, it makes sense for there to be enough of a distance between Deadpool and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so audiences will know that the Ryan Reynolds movies are not intended for children.

This would all track with what we have recently heard about Deadpool 3 and the desire for Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige to bring Ryan Reynolds and his popular superhero character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And with the unfortunate passing of Stan Lee, it would make sense for Deadpool to become the kind of “meta cameo” character that audiences came to expect from Stan Lee’s appearances. It would be a fun way to keep the character in the public consciousness and to give fans something else to anticipate with the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe entries.

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This news makes all the sense in the world. Deadpool is an immensely popular character and Disney knows they would be leaving money on the table if they shelved the Merc With a Mouth. They know they had to figure out the best way to integrate him into their larger Marvel Cinematic Universe project. This decision to keep him R-rated in his solo films is the right move. And knowing that he could end up being a fun treat that shows up in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies adds another bit of fun flavor to that series. Now, we just want to hear confirmation that Deadpool 3 is on the way and who will be making it.

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