Deadpool 3 Is Happening, But Without The People Who Made The Other Movies

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

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Deadpool 3 has had a long and winding road to the big screen, and it still has a ways to go. But now, we have one of the most important facets of the production confirmed: the writers. However, fans might be a little shocked to discover that the writers are not the original duo from the first two movies.

Deadline has announced that Deadpool 3 will be written by the Molyneux sisters, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin. The two sisters are writers and executive producers on the hit cartoon series Bob’s Burgers. They also have a new series, The Great North, where they are the creators, showrunners, and executive producers. It’s clear that they have been doing extremely well during their tenure at Fox. And it seems like that has translated to them getting the gig for the newest Deadpool movie.


However, it does mean that franchise writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will not be credited writers on Deadpool 3. That writing duo, along with series star Ryan Reynolds, wrote the first two entries in the series. It is unclear at this moment what involvement they will have in the third installment, or if they are going to be completely removed from the project. The hope is that they will be involved as producers. Reynolds clearly has a good working relationship with them, so it would be a bummer if they were completely removed from this newest sequel.

Still, the Molyneux sisters are incredibly talented and have proven their sharp wit and cleverness over the many seasons of Bob’s Burgers. Their sense of humor feels perfectly attuned to the kind of shenanigans we will want to see in Deadpool 3. They are going to have a particularly tough job ahead of them since this newest entry has to act as a continuation of the Merc with a Mouth’s franchise, but it will also be the first Deadpool film that will acknowledge the existence and canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Reportedly, Ryan Reynolds is on board for not only Deadpool 3 but a number of appearances in other Marvel Cinematic Universe entries. One has to wonder if his creative control over the character only extends to the regular film entries or if he has a significant say in how he will appear in other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. With the addition of the Molyneux sisters as the writers of the new movie, it’s also worth wondering what main creatives will stick around for other appearances from Wade Wilson.

Regardless, the announcement of the Molyneux sisters the writers of Deadpool 3 is a big win for fans who want to see the Merc with a Mouth in another solo film. The merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox had everyone a little worried that the character might either be getting retired or toned down to better fit in with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thankfully, it looks like the series is on track and we can expect to see Deadpool 3 in the next few years.