See David Tennant Return To Doctor Who In A New Role

David Tennant returns to Doctor Who as the Fourteenth Doctor in this video.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

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In 2023, Doctor Who will celebrate its 60th anniversary by bringing back a familiar face: David Tennant. Doctor Who just dropped an intense, dramatic new trailer on YouTube, which shows Tennant returning as the Fourteenth Doctor – with potentially dire consequences. If his former companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) remembers who he is, “she will die.”

David Tennant originally played the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. His human companion during that run was Donna Noble, who, according to both the Doctor and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), a companion of both the ninth and tenth doctors, is the most important woman in the universe because she was able to save reality from Davros and the Daleks. In the trailer, we see a wistful, sad Donna saying that “Sometimes, I think there’s something missing, like I had something lovely and it’s gone.”

This makes it clear that, while she doesn’t remember the Tenth Doctor, she remembers… something. She has a vague feeling that there was something good that she once had, but that has been lost.

Immediately following this nostalgic, somber statement, David Tennant appears on screen, coming out of the famous “phone booth” that has become synonymous with Doctor Who. His voice can be heard saying “I don’t know who I am anymore.”

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Ncuti Gatwa

In this upcoming eight-episode season, the mantle will be passed to a Fifteenth Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, but not before it is held once again by David Tennant. He will return as the Fourteenth Doctor on Doctor Who – and that’s not the only surprise showrunner Russell T. Davies says is in store for viewers. 

David Tennant is just the first of a whole slew of exciting, intriguing things coming to Doctor Who in this upcoming season. Puppets, robots, danger, fun, and horror are all on Davies’ list of surprises, along with lots of horror and mystery. But how this all connects to the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna Noble is yet to be determined, as there will still be a year to wonder before the show debuts in late 2023.

David Tennant holds a place as one of the most beloved Doctors on Doctor Who, but that’s just one of the many high-profile roles he has played. He also appeared as Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Crowley in Amazon Prime’s Good Omens series, and DI Alec Hardy in the crime series Broadchurch, which ran from 2013 to 2017, just to name a few. 

However, it is perhaps most fitting (and most adorable) that David Tennant will be so well-remembered for his role on Doctor Who. When Tennant was just three years old, he told his parents that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up because he was such a big fan of Doctor Who, which was already on the air at the time. 

As a young boy, David Tennant watched nearly every episode of Doctor Who over and over again for years, casting aside his parents’ insistence that he should find a passion for something that could earn him more steady money than acting. By the time he was 10 years old, though, he was already being noticed for his acting skills.

It wasn’t until 2005 that David Tennant became a Doctor on Doctor Who, but it was obviously kismet. Therefore, it is no surprise that he is returning to the series that he loves so much, and of which he is now an integral part.