David Harbour Wants Stranger Things To End

David Harbour is excited to move on from Stranger Things and seek out new ventures.

By Imelda Perez | Published

With Stranger Things reaching its fifth and final season, it comes as no surprise that some of the actors are ready to wrap up their upside-down lives, pun intended. David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, the Chief of Police of the small town of Hawkins, has revealed that he is “excited” that the show is ending while speaking on the Phase Zero podcast. He is ready for the show to end so that he can dive into new ventures.

While he says that playing Jim Hopper has been one of his favorites, he is looking forward to other options. He also says that while he definitely is excited, there is “a real sadness” that comes with the show ending. David Harbour has been in every Stranger Things season and will also be in its fifth and final season, which is set to release in 2024.

He mentioned that while there are mixed feelings about the finale of the show, he is glad that the fans are aware of the ending and that it is not going to be a surprise for them. He says that “the great thing is, we know it going in and it’s not something where it will come up on us.”

david harbour
David Harbour in Stranger Things

He is also planning on giving it his all when portraying Jim Hopper. He mentioned that he will “be able to pour my soul into Jim Hopper who I’ve loved, but in a way, it’ll be a real consummation as opposed to something where I have to feel sad or all kinds of things about it and I can really just do it.”

Fans have really loved David Harbour and his portrayal of Jim Hopper. His loving and caring yet courageous character has touched the heart of many fans of Stranger Things. In fact, during the season three finale, fans were left heartbroken by a scene in which they thought Jim Hopper had died. It wasn’t until the second episode of season four that it was revealed that Jim Hopper was, in fact, still alive.

Some key moments of David Harbour’s valiant character include random singing and dancing moments throughout the show. While Jim Hopper is mostly a serious man, he does have a quirky side that fans have grown to love. Additionally, due to his experience of losing a daughter to leukemia, he has definitely grown overprotective of the kids in the show.

Likewise, he is not one to back out of a fight with a Demogorgon. While this feat may scare away a typical person, Jim Hopper valiantly took them on with success. In the last couple of years, David Harbour has appeared in movies like Black Widow and Hellboy. While fans are definitely going to miss the fatherly figure that is Jim Hopper, we can’t wait to see what David Harbour has hidden up his sleeves for us next.