David Harbour Reveals Mysterious Horror Role 

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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Recently, Sony Pictures announced that David Harbour would be starring in a screen adaptation of PlayStation’s racing game Gran Turismo. Now, it seems the Marvel actor is not only starring in video game adaptations, but he’s starring in actual video games, too! According to ComicBook.com, Harbour announced that he did voice work for a horror video game coming out sometime next year.

In an interview with FanNation, David Harbour was asked if he would ever be interested in starring in a video game one day since he will be in the Gran Turismo movie adaptation. The actor responded that, as a matter of fact, he has already done voice work for a video game that will be released soon. The Stranger Things actor didn’t say much about the alleged video game that he’s starring in, though he did mention that it is a horror game and that he worked with Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer on it.

While David Harbour didn’t reveal any specific details about the video game, he hinted that it should be coming out in 2023. We don’t yet know the name of the game or even who the developer is, but it’s speculated that we should learn more about this mysterious horror game soon. 

The annual Game Awards is being held this week, and in addition to 2022’s best video games being honored at the show, it’s expected that host Geoff Keighley might make some announcements referring to what’s coming up in 2023. It’s possible that Harbour’s horror game will be announced then or that David Harbour himself will be able to give more information about the game within the next few days.

As for Gran Turismo, David Harbour has high expectations for the film that is breaking him into the video game genre. The movie follows the true story of a teenage Gran Turismo game player who begins winning competitions and is inspired to become a real-life race car driver. Harbour plays the teen’s mentor and has said that the movie brings a “visceralness” to the video game world.

While Harbour is excited about the film adaptation of the classic video game, fans will have to wait until August 2023 to find out if Hollywood actually did justice to the popular franchise.

david harbour thunderbolts
David Harbour in Black Widow (2021)

After a decades-long career, it seems that David Harbour is finally getting the roles that he deserves. After starring in a botched attempt at a remake of the Hellboy franchise in 2019, Harbour clawed his way out of actor purgatory when he starred in Black Widow in 2021. He will reprise his Marvel role as Alexei Shostakov (The Red Guardian) in the upcoming Thunderbolts alongside Florence Pugh, who plays his daughter and Black Widow’s sister, Yelena Belova.

David Harbour also recently starred in a darker version of a Christmas tale, Violent Night, where he plays a savage and bloody Santa Clause. Though the film has been out less than a week, it is already generating good reviews, and talks of a sequel are circulating online, which is great news for the actor and fans of the movie.