David Boreanaz Reteaming With Sarah Michelle Gellar?

David Boreanaz expressed interest in reteaming with Sarah Michelle Gellar in a directing or other behind-the-camera role.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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David Boreanaz has had a long and impressive career starring in shows like Bones and SEAL Team. However, fans will always remember him best as the brooding vampire Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And in a recent interview on The Summit, Boreanaz expressed interest in reteaming with Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar for a “really cool genre” project but with he and Gellar “not acting in it but maybe be behind it and drive it to a really cool storytelling place.”

What prompted this turn in the interview was actually a recent career move made by Gellar. In the years since Buffy went off the air, Sarah Michelle Gellar has done her best to mostly stay away from genre television. The same can be said of David Boreanaz, who took on high-profile roles as an FBI agent and SEAL member (about as far from “hunky vampire” as he could get).

However, Gellar shocked and delighted fans by deciding to return to genre television in the upcoming Paramount+ show Wolf Pack. During the interview, the interviewer mentioned that David Boreanaz could almost certainly guest star alongside her in an episode if he wanted to. However, Boreanaz proposed a different kind of team-up that would have him and Gellar on the other side of the camera.

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While he was a bit more talkative than his famous character Angel, David Boreanaz didn’t have much to say on the topic. He simply mentioned that he liked the idea of himself and Gellar working on a genre project but that he would like for them to be the creative force behind producing the show rather than serving as its stars. And while he didn’t elaborate much on why he’d rather produce than star in such a collaboration, Boreanaz may be implicitly acknowledging that the kind of genre television he helped make so popular is, for the most part, a young person’s game.

Keep in mind that David Boreanaz was about 28 when he joined the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Being eight years older than Sarah Michelle Gellar already made him the “old man” on set compared to most of his fellow cast members. And Buffy as a show certainly leaned into its youth demographic with genre storylines that paralleled actual teenage worries (such as men turning into monsters after having sex with a woman, something that literally happens with Angel thanks to a curse). 

In other words, David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar both became household names thanks to a genre show that explicitly aimed itself at younger audiences. And he may be worrying that both actors are getting a little too old to get back onscreen and try to re-ignite the sparks that once flew when they were young heartthrobs. However, the fact that both of them are practically genre royalty means they could have the experience and insight necessary to produce a killer show.

Ultimately, we’d be happy to check out anything that these two ever team up on to create. And while all those procedural shows have kept him busy, we’ve often felt David Boreanaz was wasted just investigating the dead body of the week in shows like Bones. If he’s ready to get serious about reinventing genre television with his old costar, then we’re definitely here for it.