Dave Bautista Reveals A First Look At His Secret New Series

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

dave bausita marvel

Dave Bautista is hard at work on… something. We know that he’s set to reprise his role as Drax for Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, and that it will likely be his last time in that role. Sometime in 2022, audiences will be able to catch him on Netflix in Knives Out 2, the much-anticipated sequel with Daniel Craig. But neither of these is what the actor is working on right this minute. In his latest Instagram post, he shared a glimpse of what he’s up to, and it’s full of mystery. Dave Bautista is doing voice work for an animated series.

He revealed that he’s working with one of his favorite actors in the world, it’s a “new” animated series that is extremely funny, and he can’t say what network it’s going to air on. Assuming that the actor is choosing his words carefully, that means the series isn’t one for streaming, but something that airs on cable. The new role will also apparently have him yelling into a mic. You can see the update from Dave Bautista in the post below:

Of course, if Dave Bautista is working on an animated series, it would be great to believe that it’s Marvel’s What If… season 2. When the first season was revealed, the actor known as Drax in the Guardians Of The Galaxy series was asked on Twitter why he didn’t voice his role in the series. He claimed no one asked him.

Variety got in touch with a producer from Marvel to ask why Dave Bautista wasn’t asked to join What If…. season 1. The producer said the only thing they could imagine is that there was a miscommunication in the system. It was their belief that everyone had been asked in some shape or form. Unfortunately, this disappointed fans, seemed to upset Dave Bautista, and shocked filmmaker James Gunn. So could that now be getting rectified? A new rumor, based on information found on a Japanese Marvel website, suggests that What If… season 2 and Secret Invasion should both release in 2022. It would make sense if they’re currently recording the voicework for that then.

There are more than a few hints that could make fans think that’s what Dave Bautista is up to. One of the biggest is the way the actor stresses that everything about the project is a secret. Marvel is known for doing their best to keep their secrets, to the point that actors and filmmakers discuss facing off with the Secret Police, getting training on keeping quiet, and feeling like they’re being watched.

However, there are some big reasons to believe that Dave Bautista is working on something else entirely, something that may be harder to guess at. When What If… season 2 releases, it should be on streaming for Disney+ subscribers. He said that the show will “air”, which hints that it should be on a cable network. Another thing he said that suggests it isn’t What If… season 2 is that he says it’s a “new” animated series.

Some of the commenters on Dave Bautista’s post have guessed What If… season 2, a new project for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix, and even that he could be doing something for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. These would all be exciting prospects, but the finer clues hint that it could be something original that no one has heard of before. Hopefully, this means we can expect something new and surprising from Bautista in 2022.