Dave Bautista Has One Of The Top 5 Movies On Netflix

Dave Bautista went through a surge in acting credbility in the 2010s, and now one of his starring features is tearing up the streaming charts.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Dave Bautista has surely made a name for himself, especially after his massive success portraying Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. This led to the man garnering some other starring roles that have been thrown in between his appearances within the MCU, including one in a 2018 action film called, Final Score. This film has ranked in the top 5 on Netflix, with plenty of fans wanting to see Bautista do what he does best; beat everyone up on the screen.

Although Final Score might have been a more underground feature, the film still holds a respectable critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It currently sits at a 71% approval rating from the critic side of things. However, the audience score of 37% means that fans might not have been on board as much with this Dave Bautista-led action film. The film had a substantial $20 million budget, but it only managed to make $1.4 million in box office numbers. However, this could have been because the film was more centered around the UK and was shown only in theaters in international areas. The film was also released on the Sky Cinema subscription service, which is why it likely made a lot less money at box offices.

Final Score follows Michael Knox (Dave Bautista), a former US military soldier. Knox has traveled to the UK to take his niece, Dannie, to a West Ham United football game. Though Danni was in trouble with her mother, Michael convinces his sister to allow Danni to go to the game anyway. The stadium is then taken over by a Russian terrorist cell, who believe their former leader is hiding in the crowd somewhere. The men take Dannie hostage and contact Michael, forcing him to find Dimitri, or they will harm his niece. Now Michael must spring into action, saving himself, his family, and the thousands of patrons who are in harm’s way. The Russians planted explosives throughout the stadium and promise to kill everyone inside if Dimitri is now found. Dimitri and his brother Arkady ran the Russian revolution, but Dimitri disappeared after faking his own death. Now Arkady is hellbent on finding his brother, even if that means taking an entire stadium full of people hostage. Without ruining too much of the movie, fans can go see what transpires on Netflix.

Critics referred to the move as “Die Hard in a football stadium.” That is surely a great action film to make comparisons to, and the critic score might be a bit more believed in that regard. However, other critics were quick to point out that the film was copying a bit too much from the Bruce Willis classic. Though the film clearly made terrible money at the box office, it should have been far more popular. Dave Bautista was joined by Pierce Brosnan, and those two alone should have garnered a lot more attention. This is especially since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had come out in 2017, so Bautista was even more popular at that time. However, again, the film’s lack of popularity might have been because it was more of an international release than domestically.

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Regardless of how popular or not the film had been in 2018, Final Score is currently tearing up the Netflix streaming charts. That might also be because this is the first time that the film is being displayed domestically. Also, everyone is now a massive Dave Bautista fan. He had just begun his surge in acting during the 2014-2019 years with Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner: 2049, and Hotel Artemis. Still, this might have been an instance where Bautista was called about a lucrative film deal, only to find out it was going to be marketed more overseas than in the states. Still, fans should watch the movie for themselves and decide if it warrants that poor 37% audience rating.

Final Score is streaming right now on Netflix. Fans can watch Dave Bautista take down a terrorist cell while attempting to save his family and the lives of thousands of people who have no idea they are in imminent danger. The film is highly entertaining, and fans of the action genre will appreciate everything that happens. Plus, Pierce Brosnan is great in the film too.