Dave Bautista On Playing Lobo For DC

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

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If there was a DC Cinematic Universe movie that included Lobo, the mercenary villain from the comics, who would be best to cast in the role? There are a lot of great names you could throw around, and Dwayne Johnson has even been brought up in the past. Now, Dave Bautista has brought up his own interest in taking on the character. The topic came up when he was recently at Justice Con and asked about what character he would most like to play in the DCEU.

Previously, Dave Bautista hasn’t been shy about how much he’d like to play Bane, the villain from Batman. He’s said that he’s tried his best to get a shot at playing that character, but it hasn’t panned out. When pressed further at Justice Con, Bautista shared that he’d be interested in exploring playing Lobo, if the opportunity ever came up. “I would really take a look at Lobo. I’d really be interested. I’d be all over that,” the actor said. The idea of a Lobo movie gets tossed around a few times a year, it seems. Most recently, there was talk of Warner Bros eyeing director Michael Bay to take on just such a project for them. Michael Bay has been known for Netflix’s 6 Underground and the Transformer movies. His loud, action-packed, and special-effects heavy style may be a great touch for a Lobo adventure.

The character Dave Bautista is interested in was first introduced in DC Comics in 1983. He became surprisingly popular and then appeared in many more comics. He was in several animated series. The only time he has shown up in a live-action production was on the television series Krypton. That was expected to continue into it’s own spin-off series for the character, but when Krypton was canceled, so was Lobo.

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He’s not exactly the nicest character. He gets called an anti-villain/anti-hero. Before Dwayne Johnson was locked in to star in Black Adam, he’d considered taking on Lobo himself. His comics character famously talks about killing things for fun, like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Dave Bautista would make sense for the character, not only because of his bulky build, but because he’s taken on some strange and interesting characters in the past. Most notably of course, Bautista played Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. His character was on a mission of vengeance at the beginning of those stories. He wasn’t plainly a hero or villain.

Not too long ago, Dave Bautista had an opportunity to join the DC Extended Universe by way of The Suicide Squad. We don’t know what role he was offered in the James Gunn production but know that he chose to take part in the Zack Snyder zombie movie Army of the Dead instead. That film is soon coming to Netflix and just recently released a trailer, complete with zombie tiger. Bautista plays a veteran of the war against the zombies in the post-apocalypse who is now working with a team on a heist in zombie-filled Las Vegas. It promises to be the kind of experience director Zack Snyder is known for.

While all we know at the moment is that Dave Bautista is interested in the role of Lobo, the idea certainly has a good feel to it. Maybe some of the past rumors for a Lobo movie, like Michael Bay’s involvement, will come together to bring the character to life soon and officially bring Bautista into the DC Extended Universe.