Data From Star Trek Reveals His Skeleton And It’s Terrifying

This fan art of Data without his human-like skin is terrifying.

By Douglas Helm | Published

data star trek

Have you ever wondered what Data from Star Trek looks like under his skin? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer as Twitter user Christopher Bretz took the liberty of giving us our most horrifying look at the beloved android yet. Check out Bretz’s Terminator-like interpretation of Data in his post:

Humorously, Bretz continued the thread by imagining a conversation between Data and Geordi La Forge about his new frightening appearance causing the Star Trek cat Spot to be unable to recognize him. Of course, the logical response is that felines recognize based on scent and sound, not looks. It’s a shame that we never got an interaction like this on the show because it’s a pretty good idea.

While we never got an official look at what Data’s skeleton looked like in Star Trek: The Next Generation, we did get to see the android return one last time in the final season of Picard. While Brent Spiner was initially resistant to return to the role, they were able to get him to come back for the first season of Picard. He was also convinced to come back to play Lore and B4.

Initially, Spiner was resistant to return to play Data because he felt like he had aged out of the role and that the Star Trek android should always be portrayed as more youthful. However, de-aging technology has progressed far enough that he agreed to come back and play him in Picard. That’s fortunate, because the third season of Picard was undoubtedly the best and one of the best seasons of any Paramount+ show we’ve seen from the franchise.

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Brent Spiner’s Data wasn’t the only TNG crew member that was around for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 as the season also saw Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Marina Sirtis return as well. To the delight of fans, these were much more than mere cameo appearances, and everyone had an important role to play in the third and final season of the series. Data undoubtedly played one of the biggest roles, and it was great seeing him return.

With Brent Spiner initially being resistant to return to play Data in Star Trek: Picard, it seems likely that this might be the last time we see him return to play the character. Of course, now that de-aging technology is on the table, perhaps he’ll be more willing to return and play the android in other shows. It would especially be cool to see him play the character in a prequel series, or even hear him voice the character in potential animated spin-offs in the future.

Whether we see more of Data in future Star Trek shows or films remains to be seen, but there is plenty of media from the franchise to keep fans occupied in the meantime. The new season of Strange New Worlds is right around the corner and will release on June 15. The fifth and final season of Discovery will also be coming out next year, and we can look forward to the Michelle Yeoh-led film in the near future.

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