Exclusive: Dark Souls Anime In The Works For Netflix

By Erika Hanson | Updated

dark souls 3
Dark Souls III

Netflix isn’t giving up on anime adaptations just yet. Our trusted and proven sources tell us the streamer is developing an anime series based on the acclaimed video game Dark Souls. This could mark a new era for Netflix, as the Dark Souls anime would be one of the company’s first truly original anime series.

Dark Souls is a trilogy of video games developed by FromSoftware. The first title was released to platforms in 2011, while the follow-ups came out in 2014 and 2016. The original game is lauded among the gaming community as being one of the greatest video games ever made.

The Dark Souls games are RPGs, but that alone isn’t what makes them so popular. Dark tones mixed with beautiful aesthetics make the games visually appealing. But what fans of the franchise love most is how incredibly challenging each game is.

We’ve exclusively learned that Netflix is working on a Dark Souls anime series based on one of the greatest video games ever made.

Being one of the best video games of all time, a Dark Souls anime series is ripe for the picking at Netflix.

Dark Souls

The Dark Souls anime is likely to begin with the events that take place in the original game. The franchise is set in a grim, medieval fantasy world known as Lordran. The realm is filled with knights, dragons, phantoms, demons, and other supernatural creatures. 

Lordran was once overrun with dragons until the First Flame and the Lord Souls’ discovery. In Dark Souls, players take control of a Chosen Undead character, tasked with once again finding the flame before it dies out completely. 

Dark Souls is set in a grim, medieval fantasy world known as Lordran.

Netflix has a mixed bag of anime adaptations throughout the streamer’s history. However, given its popularity, we’re certain that if done right, a Dark Souls anime could be a major hit among the fandom. Castlevania is a good comparison to this adaptation, and that series has fared well on the streamer.

Castlevania, Netflix’s animated adaptation of the beloved video game franchise, first aired in 2017. It ran for four seasons, each of which was met with continued positive reception. Today, the streamer has plans for more Castlevania spin-off series, so it makes sense to attempt a go at other popular games, and a Dark Souls anime is probably the best choice they could’ve made.

Netflix and Live-Action Anime Series

Of course, we can only hope that the Dark Souls anime adaptation Netflix is developing remains an animated series, given the streamer’s past success with other live-action anime adaptations. Netflix first tested the waters with a Death Note film, and it was an utter flop.

After Death Note, Netflix turned to Cowboy Bebop, and the streamer took one of the most popular anime series of all time and destroyed it with a disastrous live-action series. Cowboy Bebop was canceled after only one season, so we will keep our fingers crossed and hope Netflix sticks with animation for the Dark Souls anime. 

With no further information other than a plan for development, news on the upcoming Dark Souls anime at Netflix is sure to break soon. Once we know more about the series, we’ll make sure you know.