Daredevil Revival Starts Filming, Sparking Fears From Fans

Daredevil fans are worried that the revival series will not bring back Foggy Nelson and Karen Page.

By Robert Scucci | Updated


It’s time for another revival, and fans are speculating about Disney’s decision to order 18 episodes of Daredevil: Born Again. A recent RadioTimes article gives us the scoop that the series will take a different direction than the highly successful three-season Netflix run. Charlie Cox, who portrays Matt Murdock, and his Daredevil alter ego, states “I think the show will be slightly tonally different — I don’t know how yet — I haven’t read anything yet. We’re doing 18 episodes, that tells me that the structure and the way we’re going to tell our story will be slightly different.”

As we all know, change is always met with healthy skepticism, and fans are voicing their concerns over casting on Twitter. Twitter user @maximumjpool has this to say about Daredevil: Born Again: “My biggest concern for Daredevil: Born Again is whether they bring Foggy back or not.” Luckily for @maximumjpool, rumors are circulating that Foggy Nelson will be brought into the series, and actor Elden Henson will be reprising the role.

Twitter user @junjikyro expresses a similar sentiment, stating “Can you really do #DaredevilBornAgain without Foggy and Karen? Where they at?” By the looks of it, Daredevil will be in good company, and the series will be in good hands. Whether Daredevil: Born Again takes on a whole new stylistic approach or not, creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord (and their writing team of lawyers) really want to capture the magic from Frank Miller’s comic book series.

And fans are right to voice their concerns. While we trust the creative direction of Corman and Ord, we can only hope they’ll put out a quality 18-episode run with Daredevil: Born Again. After all, the fans are right … the series wouldn’t be the same if it were lacking Daredevil’s right-hand man, best friend, and law partner.


The Daredevil series follows a simple enough premise: Matt Murdock is blind, and his other senses are heightened due to his inability to see. The tension mostly comes from the fact that Murdock is a criminal lawyer by day who often finds himself defending the kind of people that Daredevil pursues at night. It always gets tricky when client-attorney privilege becomes a conflict of interest for vigilante justice.

Daredevil: Born Again occupies the same universe, and is slated for release on Disney+ in early 2024. Luckily this kind of lead time allows Charlie Cox to get in shape by training for his role as Daredevil, and he’s been hard at work focusing on honing in on his mixed martial arts skills, which will give the fight sequences more nuance than straight up throwing hands for the sake of throwing hands. Daredevil needs to be in top form if he’s to continue pursuing his nemesis, Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), and have the upper hand he needs to carry the series.

Listen, change is scary, but by the looks of it, Daredevil: Born Again is going to be a powerhouse run. Despite some possible stylistic differences from the Netflix series that preceded it, fans can rest assured that Daredevil is here to stay, and Born Again will have its own distinct legacy while standing on the shoulders of the three-season Netflix run. The only harsh reality that we can think of is simply waiting for the series to premiere.