See Danny Trejo As Wonder Woman

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

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Have you ever thought, “My life would be so much better right now if they would just cast Danny Trejo as Wonder Woman already?” Well then, do we have a treat for you! Thanks to the magic of deepfakes, we now have an iconic scene from the first Wonder Woman movie with Danny Trejo as Princess Diana. Watch as Chris Pine yells her name in concern and she bravely runs into gunfire. Try not to laugh when Wonder Woman’s head swivels from side to side as she runs, I dare you. The grim mustache makes her seriousness in this scene all the better. Watch the clip below. 

It’s not the most believable deepfake out there, but it’s not bad! And it’s definitely fun. It’s easy to imagine Danny Trejo himself finding this to be a fun clip. Over Valentine’s Day, the actor released photos of himself dressed as cupid. While he didn’t say why, or if this was part of a larger project, it seems safe to assume he did it just because it’s fun. Just to bring a little joy to the lives of his fans. This seems in line with Trejo’s persona. 

Deepfakes excepted, Danny Trejo doesn’t often play the leading role. Despite this, you likely know him. The actor has had a busy career. He’s been in many great movies. It’s safe to say Hollywood has assigned him a type. We know him in From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado, Con Air, and Heat. He usually plays a tough guy, an ex-con, the leading villain’s henchman. No matter how small his part, or how similar to his other roles, he’s noticeable. The actor is gruff, usually has his mustache, and plays his role well. Obviously, he’s the perfect choice for Princess Diana should Gal Gadot ever give up the role. 

What is Danny Trejo up to when he isn’t dressed as cupid or starring in deepfakes? These days, he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming memoir. The actor went from inmate to Hollywood success.  In between, he experienced addiction, recovery, a lot of struggle, and then unexpected success. In his book, “Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood”, the 76-year-old actor is finally sharing more details of his life story.  The memoir is scheduled to be released July 6, 2021.

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Don’t worry, his acting career isn’t over yet. In fact, he has a spaghetti western with vampires coming out soon. Among his upcoming projects are movies like Machete Kills in Space and Zombie Bride. Currently, there are 24 projects listed as upcoming in his filmography. Clearly, he has little interest in retiring. If ever you’re in the mood for something off-kilter, digging through Trejo’s long filmography is a great way to find something different from what you’ve been watching lately. There are 396 acting credits currently listed on IMDB for Danny Trejo. It’s hard to believe anyone out there could consider themselves a Trejo expert. His career has simply been too full. Of course, that’s what makes him so recognizable and such a fun choice for a Wonder Woman deepfake.