See Danny Trejo As Juan Wick In The John Wick Franchise

Danny Trejo is an incredible John Wick in new fan art.

By Chad Langen | Updated

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Danny Trejo has portrayed an extensive array of characters over the course of his acting career, from hardened criminals like his character in Heat to anti-heroes such as his role in Machete. With that said it’s not a stretch to imagine the versatile actor stepping into the polished yet brutal world of John Wick. Recently, the 79-year-old star took to Twitter to share fan-made artwork depicting himself as the legendary hitman.

The first image features Danny Trejo in an all-black suit and tie, a recognized wardrobe of John Wick. With an intense gaze fixed on the camera, he kneels with his arm over a dog. Thanks to the clever use of shading in the image, it’s almost as if we’re looking at an aged Keanu Reeves.

In the second photo, Danny Trejo once again dons Wick’s signature suit and tie. This time, he sits alone at a table, seemingly immersed in deep thought. The backdrop’s red neon glow lends the photo a cinematic feel as if it was a still lifted directly from one of the John Wick films.

Finally, the third image features Danny Trejo in a dimly lit room, sporting yet again the suit and tie emblematic of John Wick. Mimicking the character’s recurrent over-the-shoulder look, he exudes an air of cool vigilance. For all we know, he has just neutralized a room full of attackers, a scene not unfamiliar in the violent franchise.

danny trejo

Danny Trejo playfully captioned the post with, “They just messed with the wrong Mexican #JuanWick.” The images certainly entertained his fanbase, leading many to flock to the comments section, urging the veteran actor to bring this vision to life. Some even proposed intriguing crossover scenarios, like a collaboration between his character from Machete and John Wick to vanquish foes.

Speaking of a crossover between Danny Trejo’s Machete character and John Wick, the concept isn’t entirely farfetched, given the striking parallels between the two film franchises. Both series revolve around a lone protagonist navigating through a world of crime and doling out justice through impressive combat skills. The combination of the gritty grindhouse aesthetics of Machete with the polished noir of John Wick could make for an intriguing film.

It’s actually somewhat astonishing that Danny Trejo, a seasoned actor with a proven track record in action roles, has yet to make an appearance in the John Wick franchise. Though the likelihood of him assuming Keanu Reeve’s role is highly improbable, there undoubtedly exists a place for him within the constantly expanding universe of the franchise. As the John Wick universe continues to grow, introducing new characters and narratives in fresh installments and spin-offs like Ballerina and The Continental, the prospect of Trejo making his mark in this universe at some point in the future remains plausible.

For now, the stunning depictions of Danny Trejo as John Wick in the above AI-created images will have to satisfy our imaginations. These photos give us a glimpse into a potential reality within the John Wick universe where Trejo’s unique charisma and hardened charm come into play. Until the day comes when we see him step into a role within the franchise, these photos serve as a compelling teaser of what could be.