See Daniel Radcliffe Rocking The Accordion As Weird Al In First Look At Biopic

By Britta DeVore | 3 months ago

daniel radcliffe harry potter

Things are getting Weird for Daniel Radcliffe. Today, Roku has given long awaited fans a sneak peek at the actor in his newest role as Weird Al Yankovic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. The biopic will follow the life of the legendary parody musician during his rise to fame for his songs that put a silly spin on some of Billboard’s top singles. All of his comedic hard work and dedication paid off as Yankovic now holds the title of the top-selling comedy recording artist of all time. Beginning its story in Weird Al’s childhood, the movie will take fans behind the performer’s iconic glasses and hair and dive into his familial background and younger days. 

Taking audiences on a drive through the performer’s life, the Daniel Radcliffe led film will also navigate viewers through the “Amish Paradise” composer’s risque adult life including his sexual relationships with celebrities and his party fueled, drug addled lifestyle. We can also expect to see the unfolding of the heartbreaking and unexpected passing of his parents. Back in 2004, Weird Al’s parents were both found dead in their California home, a death that was eventually ruled as carbon monoxide poisoning. A loyal performer to his fans, Weird Al did not cancel his live performance that evening after receiving the distressing news, but instead tried to cheer himself up the only way he knew how. 

In the photo, Daniel Radcliffe looks down, pouring his focus into his accordion. The Harry Potter actor dons the curly hair, glasses, and thin mustache combo Weird Al is known for. Showered by an overhead red light, we can see that Radcliffe is also rocking a Hawaiian shirt just like the man behind the biopic. In a statement released with the unveiling of the image, Radcliffe commented that wearing the piece of clothing was a big “responsibility” that the actor didn’t “take lightly.” Sharing his excitement for the big reveal, Radcliffe mentioned that he was “honored” to take on the role and thrilled to be a part of the production which aims to tell the tale of the musician’s “depraved and scandalous life.”

Best known for his role as the titular character in the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe has held a long list of dramatic, comedic, horror based, and downright bizarre roles following his time as the chosen-boy-wizard. In 2016, the actor starred alongside Paul Dano in the Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert film Swiss Army Man. In the feature, Radcliffe plays a deceased man with lots of built up gas to be dispensed along his travels with Dano’s character. In 2020, Radcliffe starred in Guns Akimbo, an action comedy that saw him in the leading role of Miles. A video game developer, Miles soon finds himself fighting for his life when he is sucked into a deadly live action battle royale. 

With this first look at Daniel Radcliffe’s Weird Al, we are one step closer to more news surrounding the film, including a release date. The actor appears to be comfortable stepping into the hair and clothing of the party driven musician, so we can’t wait to see more sneak peeks and the eventual trailer. Moreso, we are looking forward to hearing what songs from Weird Al’s never ending catalog of parodies will be featured in the film.