Daniel Radcliffe Took A Role Because Of A Terrible Brendan Fraser Movie

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has certainly turned into quite a big movie star, which is great considering he was only known for portraying Harry Potter. Since then, he has garnered plenty of roles that have had varying amounts of success. Those roles have ranged from being a maniac with guns bolted to his hands, to his upcoming role as Weird Al Yankovic, and now his most recent role as a villain. The man based wanting to join The Lost City on one film: The Mummy. Though there are those who would deem this a terrible film, they are wrong. The Mummy is easily a Brendan Fraser classic, and part of why he is going through a revival brought on by the internet’s love for him. However, I digress. The former Harry Potter film series star recently spoke on what becoming a villain meant to him and why he wanted to take on the role in an adventure film.

According to Daniel Radcliffe, “I think that’s a generally good blanket rule, is make the films that you would want to see. I had recently watched The Mummy, the Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz [movie] and had a kind of like, ‘Aah! There are no movies like this’ moment. And then, I’d read [The Lost City’s script], and I was like, ‘Aah!’ That’s that same sort of, you know, just that totally fun adventure thing.” That is certainly a good rule to have in the grand scheme of things. Making movies that would make one happy is the way to go about anything. Passion creates passionate work. Radcliffe knew from the moment he read the script, that he would love to be in an adventure film. The new Sandra Bullock-led film is certainly going well, as it became the highest-earning female-led comedy that has been released in the pandemic. Not too bad. She certainly knows how to be funny.

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Daniel Radcliffe joined Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt in a star-studded adventure comedy that has been doing quite well in the box office. Quite honestly, there are no adventure films like this out. Well, besides the Uncharted adaptation, let’s not count that one. There haven’t been any of those films that people have had to traverse a jungle or some such landscape in a bit. The Mummy is the perfect example of how a movie of this nature can do well. The Lost City is currently over the $34 million mark in domestic theaters, so that bodes well for the rest of the time in which it will be in theaters. It also boasts a high 85% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes with the critic rating being a respectable 76%. Daniel Radcliffe certainly picked the right time to join the adventure genre.

Another thing of note is that Daniel Radcliffe has yet to play the villain in any of his roles. While he was a gun-wielding maniac in Guns Akimbo, he was more of an anti-hero. The Lost City is the first time that he truly got to shine as a villain. Radcliffe plays the role of a billionaire, Abigail Fairfax. He kidnaps an author by the name of Loretta (Sandra Bullock), thinking that she knows the location of a secret city called the Lost City of D, as she has been writing a fictional world about the city itself. The trailers all show the film’s humor as her book cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum), then attempts to save her. Go watch The Mummy on HBO Max then head to the theaters to see The Lost City so you can see the great comparison that Radcliffe offered.