Daniel Craig Says Everyone Should Watch His New Movie Twice

Daniel Craig wants everyone to watch Knives Out 2 twice, so you can catch all the easter eggs.

By James Brizuela | Published

Daniel Craig for knives out 2

Daniel Craig has gone from appearing in films as James Bond to taking on an entirely different and new persona in Detective Benoit Blanc. The Knives Out is continuing with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and Craig was on The Late Show to speak on why people should watch the new movie twice, but for a reason, you may not expect. According to Craig, “If you watch it again, he lays all this groundwork, he puts in all of these easter eggs, all of these things, and every single one of them pays off so it’s worth a second look.”

If you happen to have been a fan of the first Knives Out movie then you are likely to recognize some of these easter eggs that have painstakingly been placed in the sequel by director Rian Johnson, at least according to Craig. We honestly thought that Daniel Craig wants people to watch the movie a second time to determine if they have figured out all the intricacies of the mystery provided, but maybe seeing it once will determine that. However, it appears that Johnson is truly building his franchise in the correct manner by adding some tidbits that relate to the first movie, and presumably more that will connect to the third movie as well.

Rian Johnson is also already working on Knives Out 3, which would bring back Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc, and we would imagine the third movie is going to involve even more easter eggs from the first two entries. We might even see Johnson put together a mystery in the third or fourth movie by recognizing items carried over from the previous movies. While the idea to use items across all movies is certainly not a new idea, we would want our cut if the idea is used in further Knives Out entries.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is bringing in an entirely new cast that Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc will have to figure out. Joining Craig are Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Ethan Hawke, and so many more. The new movie will see Edward Norton’s Miles Bron set up a simple mystery as a game to be solved, which leads to an actual murder investigation involving everyone on the island.

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Daniel Craig did consume some Belvedere vodka with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert in the above video, which goes back to the recent commercial he was in that set the internet ablaze. Belvedere Vodka hired Craig to dance around in their new vodka commercial, which was directed by celebrated creator Taika Waititi. We wouldn’t imagine that Craig is going to be dancing in the new Knives Out movie, but he certainly has some moves.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is in theaters right now, but only as a special release for this week. The Rian Johnson sequel will be debuting on Netflix on December 23rd, which is just in time for the movie to be streamed by millions of homes while everyone is celebrating the holidays. Daniel Craig leads an all-star cast that will delve into a brand-new whodunnit, which looks to be quite perplexing this time around, and we honestly can’t wait to see it.